Tuesday, May 1, 2007

My Favorite Month

I just couldn't let the day come to an end without blogging about my love for the month of May! I'm sure ALL will agree that it is the best month of the year...and if you don't, there's something wrong with you. Okay not really. But I just love it. It's beautiful and all the flowers are out and everything is green and there's tons of rain! Yes, rain is a good thing. I love it! Today being may day made me reflect on the good old days where me and my friends would pick rhododendrons off the bush and put them in these paper things we had made and go leave them on the porches of all of our neighbors. It was so fun...we always looked forward to may day. Our neighbors probably hated it. I'm sure they were thinking, "enough of these cheap flowers already!" But to this day I get excited about it, and although my days of leaving paper vases full of rhodies on porches are over, the good feelings and memories will stick with me forever. It's just such a happy month, and today was a happy day. It was sunny, we went to the park, and I spent the evening with some pretty fun girls, watching Gilmore Girls. Such a great show, and I'm excited for the events to come. Sorry all you Logan lovers...he's history!! Anyway, Happy May!


Aimee said...

You are ruining the show for me Em! I haven't been able to watch and what do you do...HOW RUDE!!!

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

I just found out the other day what May Day is about. I had no clue you were supposed to leave flowers for your neighbors but looks like you've been doing that all along. Very cute!

And I'm glad you updated your blog. I wish you did it every day! Either that or email me. I love reading what you write and love our friendship. I know I've said this a million times but I'm gonna miss you so much when you move. More than you'll ever know.

Ilene said...

Hey Emily, what I want to know is did you leave flowers for your favorite neighbors downstairs?

I do like May too. The weather is getting warm and the promise of summer is around the corner.

I know you don't like Logan, but I am sad nonetheless. Your just jealous of his hair, admit it.

Ilene said...

Oh, and one more thing- who are these "pretty fun girls" you mention? You must have hung out with another group of girls last night because when you were with us, you were with a group of "extremely awesome girls!"

Steve said...

Ilene: I read your blog today, and don't really know what you are complaining about. Part of being married is the implied contract that the Wife buys all the presents (with the exception of the presents from the Husband to the Wife...and even then the "courts" are split on her duty to buy her own presents). You don't remember the contract? Yup, the Wife buys all the presents and cards (even for his family), and in consideration for this, the Husband signs the card (but this isn't an obligatory duty, merely an elective duty...and if the Husband elects not to perform his elective duty, the Wife assumes an obligatory duty to sign the card). The Husband assumes other obligatory marital duties, which he also didn't know about, like bug-smasher, late-night-noise-checker-outer, driver (unless your married to someone named Emily), sleeper-closest-to-the-door, etc. In short, certain "duties" are implied in a marriage contract.

Tara said...

damn lawyers.

Steve said...

I feel the need to clarify my recent post on Emily's "Killer Bee's" blog. My comments were sarcastic in nature. The comment was meant to be funny and not a critique of Emily's protection of Easton on that particular occasion. They were not meant as a criticism of Emily's motherly competency, abilities, aptitude, or fitness. Emily was present as I wrote my sarcastic comment. In fact, I typed over her shoulder, while we both laughed.

Ilene said...

Ah, Steve. I will not be inimidated by your lawyer talk!

Puh-lease, do you really think men keep there share of the "implied contract" after the first year of marriage? I don't.

Sure, our first months together, Dan gladly killed any spider that crossed my path. Nowadays, I have to resort to tears to get a spider killed. Even then it is only with sighs and mocking words that the bug is killed.

As for sleeping closest to the door, that goes out the window when a baby is in the house. I need to be close to the door so I can get to the baby as quickly as possible lest the dear husband be disturbed from his slumber.

I will say that my husband has kept up his trash taking-out duties. However, I credit this phenomenon to the fact that prior to our engagement he asked me what I expected of him as a husband and I promptly replied, "I expect you to take out the trash." That was one of the best things I have ever said.

So, in my next marriage I will add "purchasing your own mother's Mother's Day cards" to the trash taking-out duties.

For anyone reading this with absoultely no sense of humor- I don't expect to get married again and I dearly love my husband!

However, I will tell my sons before they leave the nest that if I get wind of their wives buying my Mother's Day Cards, I will be sorely, sorely disappointed and my heart will break.

Steve, I hope you won't break your mother's heart.

Alifinale said...

Emily, I didn't know about May day, but how fun to bring flowers to your neighbors! I love this month too! I love the spring and the flowers and so I got married in May. Speaking of getting married - Ilene and Steve you guys are funny. Steve, looks like finals overload has turned you into a monster. I can't wait for finals to be over and I am not even the one taking them.

Steve said...

Ilene: Sorry, the guilt trip won't work on this cat. I thought it was funny though.

Onto your arguments:

I wish my bug-smashing and trash-taking-out duties stopped after only a year. This man has continued his implied marital duties going on five years now. I still take out the trash about 98% of the time. I still sleep closest to the door. I still kill all the bugs. Luckily, I haven't had to check out any late-night noises...but if there were a late night noise, the duty is still mine.

Why would sleeping nearest to the door change when a child is brought into the marriage? How much time and walking does the switch save? Maybe two seconds and five feet? Doesn't sound like it would be worth it. Maybe it is just Emily's and my sleeping arrangement that hasn't changed since Easton was born.

I would like to add another implied husband duty to the list: light-turner-offer. No matter who passes by the light last (as long as both parties are in bed), it is the husband's implied duty to turn off the light.

Steve said...

I have to admit though, that was one of the funnier things (your blog) I have read in a while. Throughout the whole read I was thinking, "yup...that is how our (Emily's and my) relationship is."

And you are probably wondering why I don't post on your blog. I really don't have a good answer to that question.

Ilene said...

Ah, Steve.

We have a KING size bed. So that is an extra 8 feet and ten seconds.

Now you see why I sleep closest to the door.

That, and I am lazy. As a rule, I try to not walk more than needed.

Yeah, next time be brave and post messages to my blog. Be a the kind of man who would check on the crazy noises outside, should any ever occur.

Glad you enjoyed the post. I still think you need to buy your mom a card- and while your at it, go ahead and pick one up for Emily's mom as well.

Steve said...

Ilene, I am (literally) a fourth generation mattress maker. No joke. I have built thousands of mattresses in my life. My Dad manages a mattress factory. My Uncle owns another mattress factory. My Grandpa started his own mattress factory. And my Great-Grandpa started his own mattress factory. I know how big a king size bed is, and it doesn't add 5 feet and 8 seconds. I'll give you 1.5 and 2, but not 5 and 8.

And, I don't post to your blog because no one knows me.

Ilene said...

Okay, I see there is no way I can win this argument seeing that you are a graduating law student and a fourth generation mattress maker.

Anyway, if you think about it, if I slept away from door, I would have to trek another foot or so down the length of the bed and then another foot or two across the width of the bed, so really, my estimates weren't totally off, right?

Okay, I will stop. Congrats on your upcoming graduation and remember to keep the Couer d'lene (or however you spell it) on your list of places to look for jobs so Emily and I can still play together!