Friday, May 11, 2007

Random Thoughts

Dang, it has been awhile. I don't even know what to write about! It is our last week here and I have been in goodbye mode...sad and nostalgic. I'm not very good at goodbyes and I don't like saying them. I love our ward here, and the I was sad to leave them. And sad to leave all my law friends and hometown friends. It seems like it took 2 and a half years to build good relationships here, and now it's time to leave already! I sure hope it doesn't take that long wherever we are headed next! I found shopping to be very helpful, though. My sister in law and I took a trip up to Woodburn, and that drastically lifted my spirits!

Mother's Day is coming up, and thanks to Ilene for your recent Mother's Day card blog...while we were out shopping, Steve went ahead and took care of all Mother's Day cards. I was so excited! I haven't looked them over to see what he got, but I'm sure they are great.

In other news, 24 is keeping me on the edge of my seat. I'm a little ticked at Audrey's dad (Secretary Heller) for yelling at Jack. Has he already forgotten that Jack saved his life and Audrey's a number of times? You can't tell Jack to stay away...Jack does what he wants. And Lost...where do I even begin? Jacob? That was just weird, and Ben is weird, and I don't feel bad for him...and I just want to know what the heck is going on! And goodbye to Gilmore Girls; I will miss Loralei...Rory not so much because she has been annoying these past couple of seasons...but Loralei and Paris will be deeply missed; as well as the rest of Stars Hollow.

I'm having some hair issues. It is STILL falling out...more than ever since Easton was born. I went to see Megan so she could cut my bangs and thin everything out a little, and that made me feel better...but dang, I think I'm going to be bald on top soon if this doesn't calm down.

These are a few pictures from our semi-recent visit to Seattle. The kid and I were kicked out while Steve studied for finals, so we went to play with my brother and his family. The top one is at the children's museum...this was the cutest place ever. It's right by the space needle and there is SO much fun stuff for kids. I HIGHLY recommend it if anyone is ever in the area. Then there's E with his cousin Joseph, who is 3. He's such a cutie who loves to pretend that he is Buzz Lightyear...he goes around zapping people. It's hilarious. And the last one is my brother and I with the kids at the Aquarium. Good times!!!

Tomorrow is graduation...finally! Lots of family in town and lots of celebrating! Congratulations babe, I'm SO proud of you!


Ilene said...

Congrats to Steve on graduating and buying the Mother's Day Cards! Both very impressive feats. Wow, I still can't get over the card thing. Law School doesn't phase me but the cards do. Way to go!

I hate good-byes too. They annoy me because I hate to accept the fact that my life is changing again. I don't adapt well to change.

Ah, Em. You still up for a little hang-out time on Monday?

Emily said...

Yes...I will make time for you! Plus, we need pictures of our adorable boys!!!

destiny said...

Happy graduation! Now the real journey begins! Good luck on all the decisions you get to make now. It's not as easy as you would think it would be. Can't wait to see Steve next week and maybe you soon after!

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

Yay Em!!! Finally an updated post and a great one at that! Congratulations to Steve!!! That is a HUGE accomplishment so I'm happy for you guys. Feels good, right? Anyway, see you today sometime unless you don't have time. Looks like Ilene's got you booked out today?

Anonymous said...

This is all great and it was a very happy week end and family time. I'll be checking this a lot more now that you are moving to keep in touch with my little Easton. Too sad to comment further but I love you all and wish you the very best.

Alifinale said...

I am getting so sad! I will miss you guys! It sucks that we have to start all over again. I usually am excited to move, and now I am not. Sad days.