Saturday, June 9, 2007

Courtenay's Visit

Courtenay came to visit on her way back from Oregon...with her fiance! For those of you who don't know Court, she's my next door neighbor...buds since we were born. She's the best 3rd grade teacher in Utah, and she just met (like 3 weeks ago!!) John and they are getting married in September. I was so glad that they took the time to stop during their long trip back to Utah. Easton was glad too, even though Courtenay scratched him in the face. Don't worry, he's not mad anymore, he doesn't hold grudges.

So this is John...I didn't even find out his last name, so Court, if you're reading this, let me know what that is. We approve, and you guys look great together! Hope you made it back to Utah safely!


Bryce & Brenley said...

I haven't seen Courtney in forever! I can't believe she is getting married, that is way cool. How nice of her to stop by and see you. What a sweety.

rose said...

ohhhhh! they are so cute! very many congratulations to them! love you courtenay!!!

Courtenay Beth said...

Thanks Emil! His name is John Michael Lance, I will soon be Mrs. Courtenay Lance :) I am so excited and so happy, I had no idea life could be so wonderful, seriously! Had I known I might've tried even harder to find my soul mate! John is the best man I have ever known,and I am so excited and happy to get to spend forever with him! Planning a wedding is a joke! Seriously, I am really considering aloping, okay not really but I just want to be married already! Ialways thought I would just love planning a reception or two...not so! I'm realising that I am not that particular about detials but wether or not I have a strong oppinion or barely any oppinion a decision still has to be made...oh well, it will all be wonderful!
Cute blogs Em! I LOVE YOU!

Lizzie said...

Hey's Amy Winegardner (I'm in California visiting Lizzie). When did Court visit Oregon?? Was this like a last minute trip or something,because I sure didn't hear about it. I can't believe she went to ORegon, and I"m not there to meet him- please give me the scoop- on when she was there and how long- love, amy

Carol said...

Hey, I'm taking credit for this little reunion, it was my last minute idea you know and I'm sure glad it happened. It was sooooo great having Court for the quick trip and what a good sport John is, he had to pass the test of two families and did so with flying colors, we love him. It has to be a good sign that his middle name is Michael!!
It's so exciting!

jenni said...

I'm SO glad you got to meet him... goshi love that child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

court and johnny are so cute! the Lances! yay! A while back I would hae killed for that last name hahaha!