Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lawyer's Wife

Easton and I spent all of last week in Nampa with Steve's family. Steve joined us on Wednesday so that he could get sworn in on Thursday morning (we just found out today that he passed the Nevada Bar as well, so after this Thursday he'll be a lawyer in 2 states!). Aside from spending a couple of days under the weather (literally and figuratively...it was cold there!), we had a great time visiting with family.

Easton and Brennen playing Connect Four

Cooking with Ash. I think Easton thought that since her name is Ash, she was required to play ashes (Ring Around the Rosies) with him as much as he wanted. He was always walking around with his arms out saying, "Ashie, Ashie..."

Fun shopping with Aunt Aimee!

Just wanted to show the GIGANTIC yard Easton had to play in. He was in heaven...you just don't see this in Las Vegas.
The whole fam at the swearing in. Way to go Steve!

Living in Las Vegas we get a lot of opportunities to see some great entertainment. No matter what you like to do, most likely you can find it here...something for everyone. The one thing that is missing: Lugnut t-ball. Our niece, Ashlynn plays on a t-ball team and we were able to watch a couple of her games. We were so proud of her, and it was seriously the cutest thing to watch. We are a major baseball family, so we can't wait until Easton is able to play. For your viewing pleasure, the Lugnuts in action; star player (in my humble opinion), Ashlynn.

If you're still with me and care to hear my American Idol recap...read on.

Jason Castro- Should have been gone 5 weeks ago, but still here, why? I like your mellow tunes, but you're just not my idol. Sorry.
David Cook- The judges and millions of fans seem to love you. I don't have strong feelings either way. In your second song you were sounding a little too Michael Bolton for me. Good luck!
Brooke White- Stick with the piano. Your second song was really great...but I was NOT a believer of the first one.
David Archuleta- I was definitely singing along with Sweet Caroline...you were amazing as always.
Syesha Mercado- I had 2 phones going and voted for 5 minutes straight. You deserve to stay, you were awesome tonight!

If I had it my way (which I never do), Jason would be going home, with Brooke alongside him in the bottom 2. No hard feelings.


limabeanhome said...

It was fun to see your cute sister-in-law who used to play Bunko with us! I looked at her picture and thought, I know her from somewhere. Reading your blog makes me want to go and visit my family.

Carol and Bruce said...

You have it exactly right about idol, I'm with you all the way.

Congratulations on being a lawyer's wife on both accounts! Steve has worked hard and so have you to achieve this goal. We are so happy for you both.

I really didn't make Jenni sick so I would have to go to ID and just happen to run into Easton but I can see why Lani thought I might have:) That was such a joy.

Carol and Bruce said...

Way to go Ashlynn! Fancy uniforms for such little one too. There is nothing more fun than to watch kids play ball. Kellen's soccer game was adorable too, I wish you could have been there.

Aimeeable said...

What a relief that he passed the NV bar. We just knew he would. Poor Steve never has any self confidence! Tygh sends Steve a hardy congratulations and wants you to know there is still a job for you in Yakima if you feel up to taking a 3rd bar exam.

Alifinale said...

YAY for Steve! And how fun that the whole fam went to his swearing in. I am so glad that he passed in NV too - he is a smarty. Looks like good times in Boise - Easton is just too cute.

And I couldn't agree with you more about American Idol. David Cook really is growing on me and Brooke has had her day. She did do way better on the second song. And seriously, why is Jason still there?

Cassey said...

That yard looks gorgeous... I miss green. Congrats to your hubbie.

Kara said...

Congrats to Steve, and you deserve a congrats too, for supporting him through school and all those days studying- so way to go Rogers family! Glad you're back from Boise and feeling better. I cannot comment on A.I. yet, cause I didn't watch it last night.

Christi said...

That picture of Easton playing Connect 4 is awesome!!!!
congrats Steve!!!
Agreed in AI, Syesha is good, she just bothers me :)

Jenn said...

How fun to spend time with your family and congrats to Steve! I long for nice green grass and a big backyard so I am glad you were able to enjoy one for a little while.

Aunt Deitz said...

Congrats to Steve and you. I am such a proud Auntie. Glad you had a fun time in Nampa, but isn't it nice to be back home. So what does the future hold for the lawyer and his family? Where ya gonna practice law at. I need a good legal council person, occasionally, how about Utah?

Ashlynn looks so cute. Love the years of ballparks, softball, baseball and hotdogs. Jeff and I were just commenting on that last night as we passed by the local park and all the games were going on. How time has flown by, seems just like yesterday.

I think that Brooke has 1 more week in her. After all she is getting all the Relief Society votes. David A is really popular in Utah, being from Murray High School and all. Jason should be done, David C isn't my favorite either and I have decided that Syesha is going to be a great Broadway star. I think the finals are between the 2 Davids.

Have a great day back home in the sun. Abi keeps complaining that is cold here. I think it's warming up, except for today - high of 40.

Love ya

Meg said...

Yeah Steve.

Ok moving on...(I'm totally kidding...you must have worked very hard for that.)

And is her team really called the Lugnuts? That's just wrong. Although she's very cute.

Ok. What I really want to talk about. I totally agree on Jason. I hope he leaves tonight. Two phones? Cheater pants. I agree with Randy..she's good Broadway material. But I hope she goes after Jason. I agree on Brooke...first song didn't sound right. They've got to turn down the music...she was yelling over it. Grr... But I loved the second song she did. David Cook was reasonably good on his second song. I didn't like the first one. And David A. loved him as always.

Now I want to hear you LOST recap girlfriend!

Jenni said...

YAY STEVE!!!!!!! man i'm so happy for him and for you and it's all just great! now he can get sweet jobs and stuff haha! yeahhh! I'm so glad you had fun in boise and that they let me come crash your party with my sickness and see you again. it was so nice! ok also, your blog is hilarious... little puns all over the place haha i love it! i also was not a bleiver in brooke's first song hahaha!!!! you're recap is definately correct, EXCEPT- jason is talented and makes nice music... he is just not meant to win. And I think Brooke should go home first. but go Sayisha and David A! oh and that outfit easton wore to the swearing in is the CUTTEST THING EVER!!!! anywho- love you!!

Lizzy said...

Congrats to Steve for passing yet another bar. And congrats to you for going through it all again. Good job!

Your trip looks like fun. That backyard is a toddlers dream come true. I can't believe how big Easton is. I love his little outfit!

And, last but not least, I love David Cook. He is my idol. Everyone else can go, just leave him. Although is hair can go with the others. It's time to get rid of the bangs, Cook.

Emily said...

Yea, Meg, I think their sponsor is a radiator shop or something. Too funny.

Aimee said...

I'm so glad you got that video of the little lugnut! Too funny. I totally agree with all you said about AI and wasn't Paula weird last night? Can't wait to see who gets the boot tonight!

destiny said...

YEAH for STEVE!! That is such great news!

p.s. I tried to call you today and it said that you weren't available? Do you not have an answering machine?

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

First of all, it's nice to know you're not a Brooke lover. I wanted HER gone like 5 weeks ago. She just does not sing as well as anyone else. Jason's right up there with her. David Cook is my favorite, I've gotta admit. I could see him selling albums right NOW and i'd buy one or 2. Aaron's got something agains him though.

On to your Boise trip....E is sooo dang tan! And blonde! what a cute little vegas boy! Cant' wait til cade goes blonde again this summer, I miss his toeheadedness. And HOW is Steve the tallest one of his family? (oh yeah, congrats for sure to Steve! and you for sticking it out with him!!!) Seriously though, the rest are pretty short (no offense to anyone) and he's like a head taller than his dad! Crazy!

And I love your curly hair in the wind at the lugnut game. I've done that a few times to mine but it takes soooo much time! but it looks great on you, you should do it more often. Love your blonde hair too! what a hottie!

Jill said...

Woo hoo! That is such great news for you and Steve! Congrats! That clip of Ashlynn was too cute! And I loved your post about Jenni. You have been a busy woman with so much traveling and visitors. It'll be my turn soon, I hope.

I'm sorry I'm so slow to comment, but I had to tell you that I've been quite inspired by your trying new things. You've become so domestic in your cooking and sewing! I'm definitely scared to try new things because I'm lazy and don't like change and because I'm afraid I'll fail. So thanks for the inspiration!

Mary said...

Yeah Steve! Way to go. Now go take a nap. :)

Ben & Diane said...

Your recap of American Idol is exactly what I would have written. Why is Jason Castro still here???? He doesn't seem like he cares either way. Brooke's time has been spent. I wish Syesha had a bigger fan base. David Cook is over-rated and I love David A. Looks like you guys had tons of fun in Idaho.