Thursday, April 3, 2008


Here are 20 reasons why I suck. Thanks to my good friend for tagging me...she sees me all the time, she already knows why I suck! Now everyone else can know too.

1. All I want to eat is cookies and ice cream.
2. I'm very indecisive. It's so hard for me to make up my has to be done for me a lot of the time.
3. I absolutely cannot handle it when my floors are dirty. Sometimes I clean them 2-3 times a day because the crumbs or scuff marks bug me so bad. We're all a little ocd in some ways, right?
4. I used to be so outgoing, but now I find myself becoming more and more shy...especially in large groups...I think I get intimidated or something.
5. Most of the time I am incapable of saying no when people ask favors of me. The reason is, I LOVE to help makes me happy to make someone's day or life easier. But people tell me that I need to learn to say no and that I can't do it all. I know that's true, but I just figure, if I can help someone out, why not do it? (if anyone reading this thinks they can no longer ask me for things you can just go jump off a cliff...ok not really, but don't be silly)
6. I copy people a lot...I never think of cool things first!
7. I compare myself to others too much.
8. I get super envious when I see someone's perfectly decorated gives me a bad case of "the wants".
9. I don't wash my face at night...even if I'm wearing make-up. I'm just way too lazy for that nonsense.
10. I complain a lot about my wardrobe...the same 5 shirts just isn't doing it for me anymore.
11. I wish that Easton would take 5 hour naps every day instead of an hour and a half.
12. I hate calling people...mostly businesses. I'm scared to death of it and make Steve do it whenever possible.
13. I am very envious of other people's talents...I want to be good at everything!
14. I spend at least an hour a day looking at plane tickets. Doesn't matter where, I'm just always looking. Waste of time, much...considering we're definitely not going anywhere for a long, long time.
15. I don't exercise.
16. I feel guilty for not exercising.
17. Sometimes I am optimistic to a fault...I minimize people's feelings, but I don't mean to.
18. Until recently I wouldn't buy my own feminine products...I was too embarrassed. One time my mom told me to go to the store and buy some and I seriously cried.
19. I miss my family (and Steve's) too much sometimes.
20. I am horrible at giving Steve massages. He gives great ones, but mysteriously my hands get tired after 2 minutes every time. Sorry babe.

Well there you go...just 20 of my suckiest qualities. I am for sure tagging people. You should take it as a compliment if I tag you, because it just means I admire your seemingly perfect life...I want to hear about why you suck!

Jill N.
Favorite Cousin
Kara H


Lizzy said...

You didn't buy your own tampons until recently?!? That is pretty funny. I always get embarrassed when I have to buy condoms. But girls products? I've had too much practice to be embarrassed.

I get very envious of other people's houses and decorating skills, too. I go through "the wants" all the time.

I wish I had your natural beauty and didn't have to wear makeup to wash off every night. You do suck.

Steve said...

I've been on to you about the massages for a long time. My hands are going to start getting tired after two minutes.

Emily said...

Oh yea NOW you read my blog.

Swanson Family said...

I am with you on all but 2 of your 'sucky' qualities (sorry, I'm not gonna disclose which 2!) Now I want to hear the 20 reasons why you're amazing! That would be harder for me to come up with....

Ilene said...

Please come and clean my floors. That is one thing I'm not good at (I sweep but stink at mopping). In return I will help you decorate on a TJ Maxx and Ross budget.

Emily said...

Deal Ilene!

Landon & Kara said...

Emily, I have a hard time with blogs that have lots of writing, but yours, I ALWAYS read - you CRACK me up!! And I must say I will probably be listing just about every one of the same things! I wish you lived closer to me so we could hang out - Landon's always studying and I need someone else to make me laugh to death! But some good friends of ours may move to your neck of the woods so maybe we'll have to take a look at Nevada...hmm...
P.S. - I'm sending your prize by the end of the week - sorry it took me so long!

Christi said...

I love the list. That is awesome. I have the same problem with the massages!!! It is weird how that happens. I love that you didn't buy your own tampons. That is awesome.
And P.S. your house is decorated great.

Alifinale said...

This is why we are such good friends...we are practically the same person. Except I don't mind buying tampons and condoms are just funny. When Bri and I were dating we went to Costco and we happened to walk down the isle that had tampons and he picked up the box and said very loudly, "the amount of these that you go through is going to break us." I just couldn't get embarrassed after that.

Carol and Bruce said...

Sorry, I think you inherited quite a few of those from me. Especially the one about not being able to make decisions.
I think you are way too hard on yourself.
Lets list all your good qualities now!

Carol and Bruce said...

oh, and haven't you heard of CASE?
Copy and steal everyting! Ideas that is. It's OK.

Also, there is no such thing as missing your family too much. Keep that up.

Kara said...

The one about buying your own fem. products is the funniest thing!! Did you talk Steve into buying them for you?? That would never happen with my husband. And wanting to help people is not a reason to SUCK!! You are just TOO nice and it makes the rest of us look bad!

Aunt Deitz said...

Isn't it funny how we can think so quickly of the things we "suck" at, and share them so willingly, would we do the same if we had to tell what things we are good at?

I offer that thought as a critisism of myself. I am too quick to point out my faults, shortcomings, errors, or negative points (I have many of the same as you listed, Emily).

I wish I were better.

Thank goodness I like me! Life could really be rough.

Love your thoughts! Thanks for sharing in a humorous way. Love ya

Lindsay said...

haha after reading your post i was like "damn she didn't tag me" then i became suspicious when i saw someone was named 'favorite cousin' and then upon clicking on it and realizing it was me i teared up for a second. ;) I too have a hard time buying feminine products, and had Danny do it for the longest time. After I had Allie I lost all inhibitions however.

Lindsay said...

haha after reading your post i was like "damn she didn't tag me" then i became suspicious when i saw someone was named 'favorite cousin' and then upon clicking on it and realizing it was me i teared up for a second. ;) I too have a hard time buying feminine products, and had Danny do it for the longest time. After I had Allie I lost all inhibitions however.

Jenni.Jolley said...

hahahahahaha emily you CRACK ME RIGHT UP!!!! I just love you so much and I'm so excited to come visit you that i just might PEE MY PANTS!!!! You're right about one thing, you ALWAYS are so helpful and selfless. :) and I think it's a wonderful thing!!! I don't think you suck at all but i did think that was hilarious and I'm totally gonna do it!!

[p.s. I finally commented on your hiking Blog so go see!!

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

Umm, ok. that was really fun to read and most of those things aren't sucky things at all!!! LIke not saying no to people and wanting to help them....that's awesome!

But I'm sad that someone is sending around a tagging activity for why we "suck". that's not very uplifting and I think we should all be trying to point out all the things that are awesome about ourselves. We might already be spending way too much time getting down on ourselves anyways, right? I challenge you to now tell us all 20 reasons why you ROCK!!! Do it!!! :)

Meg said...

That was funny! I also had a complex after reading it knowing that I sucked for that many more reasons. great.

And yes (responding to the comment you put on my blog) that is a tree in my backyard. Somehow I shoved it in my minivan all by myself a year ago. And, now it makes for pretty pictures!

Lara said...

Man Em... Way to make me cry. I think you are perfect! I have always thought of use as a full fledge sister from the moment we meet, not a SIL.


1.I think your way more outgoing then the rest of us Rogers'...

2.You really personalize gifts, and make them family treasures.

3. I think you have a great sense of style, and I wish I could wear half of what you do.

4. Your the mother of my Nephew!!! What could be better then that!

5. You have great love and compassion for people.

6. Your not afraid of doing silly things.

7. Your very athletic.

8. Your always up for an adventure.

9. Now, the OCD thing... You married into a family that has enough of them, so you fit right in.

10. By the way it not coping, it's borrowing others ideas and adding your own personal style to make it your own.

So there!!!

Chad and Jessica said...

Oh my goodness, some of those were so funny, and so many I could identify with. And heck, if those are your weaknesses, you're still an A+. In SHS theater, we used to tell people "You Suck" before they performed, instead of saying "Break A Leg." So, You Suck, really means, "You rock, go get 'em tiger!"

mandy said...

I bet you had a hard time coming up with those suck qualities. I have always looked at you as a person who was practicly perfect. I am glad to hear that you share my lack of decorativeness. I have been here since Jan. and still not a single pic. on the wall, I just don't decorate good.
you are too funny and I love to read your blog.


Emily you crack me up! I just had to laugh about the whole feminine products thing. I always hated buying that stuff too and would try my hardest to hide them in my shopping cart. :o) But after giving birth to three children stuff like that just doesn't embarrass me anymore. Anyway, I think you're awesome and I don't think you suck at all! :o)

Paul & Ashley Justensen Family said...

I think the reasons why you suck are wonderful personality traits that make you who you are! I just like you the way you are, perfect floors or not! You are the BEST!!!

Megan and Greg said...

So seriously, you should delete this post. No offense to whoever tagged you but what benefit does it give anyone to list off reasons they could possibly suck?! Yeah, you don't suck. You're great, for lots of reasons, and you should just think of those. Ok so I just read all the other comments and everyone loved it so ignore me. But know that I love you and I don't think you suck at all.