Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Alphabet Em

A-Attached or Single?- Attached. Married almost 6 years, and a 1 1/2 year old.

B-Best Friend?- Steve

C-Cake or Pie?- You'll never get me to choose between the two. I love them both equally.

D-Day of Choice?- Saturday

E-Essential Item?- Computer!

F- Favorite color?-I like lots of colors; purple, blue, green, pink

G-Gummy Bears or Worms?- Gross, neither...but in high school my friends and I were obsessed with the sugar-coated, sour worms. Now I can't stand them.

H-Hometown?-Springfield, OR

I-Favorite Indulgence?- Ice cream for sure.

J-January or July?- July all the way. Usually January = cold and I don't do cold.

K-Kids?- Easton, 20 months and growing too fast

L-Life isn't complete without?- Cookies

M-Marriage Date?- August 10th, 2002

N-Number of brothers and sisters? 4 brothers, 3 sisters

O-Oranges or Apples?- Probably apples

P-Phobia and Fears? Spiders.

Q-Quote?- Why walk when you can dance? --Jesse from the Babysitters Club Movie

R-Reason to smile?- Watching Easton do the dances to the Wiggles.

S-Season of choice?- Spring, Summer, Fall in Las Vegas.

T-Tag ten people?- How about tag two people...Jessett, Stephanie G.

U-Unknown fact about me?- I can probably burp louder than anyone you know.

V-Vegetable?- broccoli

W-Worst habit?- wanting to do too much but not planning ahead for it, and then procrastinating and stressing because I have so much to do!

Y-Your favorite food?- Mexican food

Z-Zodiac Sign?- Gemini or Taurus, depending on which magazine you read, Seventeen or Sassy


Aunt Deitz said...

Love getting know more about you. What a cleaver way to tell about yourself.

I agree with the ice cream, blame Grandpa Fox for that. Vanilla is the best!

Kara said...

Hey, I haven't heard you burp that loud!! I am the same as you on cookies and ice cream, especially your cookies!

Alifinale said...

I have the same worst habit. Sometimes I read these things and I think it is about me...we are so the same except I am normal and like chocolate.

Lindsay said...

I actually did know you were a loud burper. Mine are not necessarily as loud as they are frequent...Can you burp the alphabet? One of my old roomates once did it twice in a row. She has my respect for life.

Jenni said...

why walk when you can dance?! hahahahahahaha yes you were right, i laughed out loud haha! i also laughed at the seventeen or sassy comment. haha because I can just imagine you saying those things totally strait faced haha! oh man, i miss the BSC- i kind of want to watch it now.

Annie and Jake said...

Hey Emily

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Now I have your's! You look great and Easton is so adorable. i think he looks like Steve.

I can't believe you also know about the bean game. it is so fun and i'm trying to track it down.

Jake and I bought a house in East Eugene not long after you guys moved away. Home owning is fun but it sucks every penny you own.

Hope all is well. If you visit Eugene lets have a fourth ward get together.

p.s. I don't know why but i can totally imagine you burping loud. why? i don't know.

Christi said...

I love the Babysitter's quote! I loved Dawn! I want some ice cream now.

Blair & Leslie said...

The comment that you burp loud is true. I think one of the first times I met you was at Girl's Camp and you burped really loud. I just remember Sheri Southworth chasing you around her car and the camp.

Oregon Southworths said...

I'm with alifinale - I can't believe how similar a lot of our answers are! What a cute survey!! I had NO IDEA you had been married for so long. I can't wait for Ethan to start dancing!

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

That was fun to read! SHould have tagged me, you could have learned lots more about me. LIke you want to, though, right?! :) And I believe I was one of those friends who was also obsessed with the sour sugar coated worms. but I still like 'em!

Lizzy said...

I didn't know you had 4 brothers. That's even more than me!

Didn't I once hear you say you can burp the alphabet? I swear I did...

rose, aaron, gavin & hayden said...

i think me and you tie for loud burps.
good times. ;)

Brianne said...

I love learning more about you. Thanks for sharing! And I will have to share that I am quite the burper myself...my step-mom has a FIT when we're over! I'm not lady-like enough for her. Oh well.
Hey, and you need to come to my new blog! The old one is no more for reasons beyond my explanation. come see me!!

Brenley and her boys! said...

OK, the fact that you can burp louder than anyone is NOT an unknown fact, if anyone knows you! Love you!

Tara said...

I want to hear this infamous burping! You are so funny Em, and so right too. I mean life really is incomplete without cookies!!!

Sharon/mom said...

That was cute!! You are so creative, every time I look at your blog I feel happy and smile! Your Easton is sooooo cute and you are so pretty! love you!!!

Courtenay Beth said...

Oh I just love you Em! So I laughed out loud when I read the burping part, because if anyone knows that I do! I remember one time my fam was having FHE in the living room, and the front door was closed...and then we hear this insanely loud belch, and all laugh because we know exactly where it came from...YOU, the funny part is you were sitting on your porch at your house, and we heard it loud and clear at our house with the door closed!!! Dang girl tat is some serious talent! It's actually pretty impressive! Love you Em! I'm thinking about coming to visit....?

Lawther family said...

I had forgotten that you and I were married the same year! And here we are having baby #4!!
You asked how I do it? A hope and a prayer. Its no easier to have one then 4, at least the pregnancy part. I wouldn't change it for the world though, I love my boys. :)