Friday, September 26, 2008

To The Rescue

I'm so glad I have friends nice enough to notice my dying blog and have them try to help me revive it through tags.

8 T.V. Shows I love to watch:

1. 24
2. Lost
3. The Office
4. Gilmore Girls re-runs. I'm enjoying the current season because I love Lorelai and Rory bugs the crap out of me. Stupid Dean, stupid Logan...who cares. Yay for Luke!
5. Design to Sell, Design on a Dime, HGTV and thank you new DVR.
6. Criminal Minds
7. Bones
8. 90210...we'll see if I still like it after Kelly is gone. She's the reason I love it.

8 things that happened yesterday:

1. Went to a yummy recipe exchange and ate way too much.
2. Cleaned my floors.
3. Played with Easton and Claire.
4. Went to my volleyball games and lost them all.
5. Went to play basketball and lost all of those games too.
6. Put Easton to bed in between sports.
7. Took Easton to my good friend's house so she could watch him for me (thank you!).
8. Saw Steve for about 5 minutes.

8 favorite places to eat
1. Cafe Rio
2. Fuddruckers
3.Taco Bell
4. Jason's Deli
5. Red Robin
6. Farrell's (Pearl Street Ice Cream Parlor)
7. Winger's
8. Chapala

8 things I am looking forward to:

1. Going to Rexburg to see my mom and sis in October!
2. MIL coming the weekend after that!
3. Going to Disneyland for Halloween!
4. 24 to start.
5. Being able to make/eat soup.
6. Going to the park.
7. Watching Easton play baseball.
8. The Holidays!

8 things on my wish list:

1. 10 minutes ago we were watching the Presidential debate and I was wishing we were watching something else. Now we're watching Knightrider and I wish I was watching the Presidential debate.
2. To someday be able to work with at-risk youth again.
3. To decorate my house.
4. Get in better shape. Once a week exercise just isn't doing it for me.
5. Take a photoshop class.
6. New furniture.
7. Unlimited funds to travel anywhere I want.
8. Patience, patience and more patience.


Sean and Steph said...

Did you know the Pearl Street Ice Cream Parlor is gone now? It's a gourmet pizza place now... it was like watching my childhood disappear as they remodeled.... :( Glad to know other people remember it too!

Meg said...

I am WAY excited for 24 to start too! Of course we are BOTH looking forward to it because we have SO much in common.

Why wasn't Fringe on your top show sad. ☺

Jenni said...

Emily you are hilarious ahahahhaha! i really just laugh all the time when I read your blog. it's just so dang comical. BUT- I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU TO COMEEEEE!!! ONLY ONE MORE PAGE TURN IN MY PLANNER! HAHA- that's how I measure how close things are! cool, I know! I can't wait to take you to G's Dairy where they serve the DELICIOUS Reed's dairy ice cream and it's like $2!!!! oh man, yes! and your blog is not dying! it's wonderful!

Alifinale said...

I like your wish list. Let take a photoshop class together! Oh, and I love how Taco Bell is a favorite for you.

Christi said...

First things first, your blog isn't allowed to die.
I love Pearl St. and I totally forgot about Chapala's. i love that place.

Emily said...

Oh Meg, there are several shows I left off...there were only 8 spots! Fringe is new, so it has to keep earning my respect, and Eli Stone is my new fave, but not on there either. My list probably changes weekly!

Lima Bean said...

This is a fun tag. I especially love the 8 things I did yesterday. It's always fun to see how people spend their day. I'm impressed that you played basketball AND volleyball.

C Crane said...

Love your new header! Easton is so cute. How was the Bell Jar? Did you like it? I am in charge of book club here next month, would that be a good one? We miss you guys tons!

Chrissy said...

Could you please just be a little more patient????

Miriam said...

When are you going to be in Rexburg because I am going to Rexburg in October too! I am coming on the 6th (really the 7th) and leaving on the 21 I believe. If we over lap at all I would love to see you even if it is just 1/2 to meet your beautiful boy! Let me know!

Aimee said...

Why are there not more ice cream joints on your favorites list? HELLO!!!

Bringhursts said...

Disneyland? In October? I am so JEALOUS!

Kara said...

What are you talking about Kelly leaving 90210? Did I miss something??

Lizzy said...

I love your wish list. Unlimited traveling money and patience. And something better to watch on TV. I could use all of those things myself.

And I think you're the only person I know who like Wingers. Although don't they have some sort of tasty mudslide desserts thingy?

Chrissy said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I somehow missed that detail that you were living in Vegas! Never have I wished for a time machine more than now. I would have LOVED to see you. I'm so sorry. Forgive me? If I'm ever anywhere near you again- I will call! Maybe I will try out for next season's "America's got Talent" just so i can live in Vegas. Have any suggestions for my talent????

greg&sarina said...

Em - I sent u am e-mail about disneyland, we are going this week... I might "tag" myself, this was a fun post!

Lawther family said...

If your blog is dying, then mine has long since been dead. :( I love to read your blog. I love that you are so honest and hold nothing back.
Love the tag. Its fun to see how you spend your day. And what a busy day you had! Two sports in one day?! Crazy. I would be tired the whole week recovering. :)

Jill said...

Love the post! That's a good tag. I might just copy and I wasn't even tagged. I'm soooo glad that TV is coming back. I was getting hooked on Jon and Kate plus 8 and Project Runway over the summer. Now all the good stuff is coming back. And if it makes you feel any better, rest assured that you're doing better than me in the working out department.

Ilene said...

Um, why isn't a trip to Boise on that list?