Thursday, October 9, 2008

90 to 40 In A Two Hour Plane Ride

This weekend I'm leaving my boys behind and going to Mother's Week at BYU-I. This will be my first night EVER away from Easton. I have been waiting a long time for this and now that it is finally here, I'm admittedly a little nervous. I have questioned my decision to go many times, and had doubts...wondering if it was an okay thing to do, or if I'm the worst mom ever. I'm still going, so apparently those thoughts came and went quickly. I just thought I'd share my pros and cons list with you could know that I didn't come about this decision too lightly.

* Going through security at the airport by myself and hopefully without sweating.
* Taking my time roaming the airport and reading a book ( or a trashy magazine if I so desire)while I wait instead of riding the escalators again and again.
* A relaxing plane ride free of portable dvd players, diapers, wipes, fruit snacks, suckers, books, puzzles, crayons, goldfish, crackers, m&ms, raisins, sippy cups, etc.
* Spending time with my mom and sister.
* Getting my hair done.
* Going to the Rexburg Temple.
* Eating at all my favorite places...Wingers, Craigos, Millhollow, Arctic Circle (pumpkin milkshakes are totally bomb!)
* Walking around campus and seeing all the new construction they have done since I left.
* Seeing fall colors and beautiful snow capped mountains.
* 3 days and nights with NO whining.

* Missing my boys.
* It's possible I could freeze to death. A high of 40 is expected the whole weekend I'm there, with a 60% chance of precipitation, which in Rexburg terms means snow. It's 90 degrees today. I. Will. Die. Those of you who know me know that I am weird...and easily get cold. I have been getting chilly in the mornings and evenings here when it gets down to maybe 68. Ridiculous I know.
* Nobody to yell, "All clean!" the second I turn off the shower.
* 3 days and nights with NO hugs or kisses.

The Pros list is definitely longer, but the last one on the Cons list really outweighs everything...I'm giving up a lot there, I hope I can handle it. I'm so excited and I know it's going to be fun and relaxing and well worth it. And it helps to know that Easton will be well taken care of, as Steve has the whole weekend planned out with fun things for them to do. I feel so lucky to be able to go on this trip and have NO worries while I'm gone.
Bye cute face!!!


Christi said...

You are going to have a blast!!!!! I am really excited for you. You have to eat some breadsticks for me at Craigo's. I am sooo jealous about the weather too, and the plane ride with no kids too :) I know you will miss the hugs and kisses, but they will be there when you get back! That picture of him is soooo cute!!!! I like your new header too!

Jenn said...

That sounds like so much fun. What a great idea! I am sure you will miss your boys, but you will be back before you know it. Besides, you deserve it.

Lizzy said...

Three days and three night is so long to go without any hugs and kisses. But at the same time, how can you pass up three days with no whining and sippy cups and bags of goldfish? That isn't an opportunity that comes up often. Have a great time!

Alifinale said...

I am may die in 40 degree weather. I am also WAY jealous. You will have so much fun and will come back a better mom for it. You need a break so don't feel guilty.

PS - you can still have fruit snacks, goldfish and m&m's, you just don't have to share so that is a bonus. Plus if you really want hugs I bet your mom and Jenni can hook you up.

We will miss you!

Paul & Ashley Justensen Family said...

What a great mom! I think it will be a really good break and you will be that much more appreciative of your husband and Easton when you come home.

Meg said...

Good for you...being brave...taking some time for yourself. You will be glad you did and an even better mom when you get back!

Megan and Greg said...

Wow, good for you. You'll get lots of hugs from your mom and sister. The kisses, i suppose will have tp wait. Wow, \i know I already said it, but good for you. Soak it all up 'cause it won't come again for awhile. Don't feel guilty. You had a life before the boys and you need to feel like you're more than just a mom and wife. This will be Emily time. That was so funny about enjoying the airport. But I guess I've never had to ride up and down the escalator before. Well, HAVE FUN!!!

Archambault Family said...

I know how you are feeling, kind of. I am going back to work on Saturday and it is ripping my heart out. But my baby is only 2 months old. I understand pros and cons. Go and have fun with your Mom and Sister. The time will fly and Easton will be just fine. Daddy will do a great job. Don't worry!

Kara said...

Hope you have a great time and don't freeze your butt off! We will miss you but we'll help take care of your boys and you need and deserve this!! Enjoy! I'm jealous too!

Lindsay said...

You will have a great time! I can't even imagine what it would be like to take such a relaxing plane ride! My first nights away from Allie was when I was in the hospital having Lily, so good for you for getting some time to yourself and have a great time w/ your mom and sis!

Aimeeable said...

I have another pro point to add to your list... Steve will learn to appreciate how much you really do around the house and with Easton when he has to do it all by his lonesome without your help!

Brandi Harty said...

I completely agree. Leaving those sweet innocent faces behind is very tough. Brady was gone part of this week and it has been very, very difficult. You get through it, I promise. Have a great time.


I know it will be hard being away, but enjoy your time with your mom and sister! Hopefully, you will be so busy that the time will just fly by and you'll be on your plane ride home before you know it.

Girls Camp was my first time away from Ethan - 4 nights. I had to comfort myself by saying that I'd see him Tuesday morning and then again by Saturday morning, so it was really only 3 days of not actually seeing him!

Steve said...

Aimeeable, your additional "pro" could easily turn into a "con" if after this weekend I discover that watching cute, sweet, innocent Easton is actually not all that hard. I mean, how hard could it be playing Wiggles, Blue's Clues, Clifford, Sillyville, and Micky on a continuous loop for 72 hours?

I realize I'm walking into the lion's den with this comment, but as much as this experience could help me appreciate all Emily does, it could also make me less sympathetic in the future if I discover it really isn't very stressful or taxing playing Wiggles, Blue's Clues, Clifford, Sillyville, and Micky on a continuous loop.

Legal/Marital Disclaimer: The preceding message in no way implies, suggests, or infers that Emily complains or in any way has a bad attitude about caring for Easton. Emily, to the best of my knowledge, does not use the "continuous loop" parenting style. Emily is a fabulous Mother and Wife and I have the utmost appreciation and respect for the hard work she does on a daily basis in the "trenches" of motherhood. The preceding message is the speculative ideas of its author and in no way reflect the general opinion of the Las Vegas Rogers' family.

Lizzie said...

Good for you!!! It was so hard leaving Tanner the first time, and second, etc. But now it's so much easier. I'm excited for you! A high of 40 degrees? Yowsa. By the way, you get so cold because you don't have an ouce of fat on your entire body. Eat some more icecream Em!

Anna said...

You're definitely not a bad mom- you just need some sane "non-mommy" moments. I laughed at the "all clean" shower comment, Calvin does practically the same thing, just different words. So cute when they can talk!

Jill said...

I'm willing to bet that you will be so happy you went and go back home with recharged mommy batteries. Have a blast!

How cute is Easton's "all clean!" I love it!

And Steve, you are such a lawyer! I hope you have some great bonding time with that cute little guy.

Jenni said...

thank you thank you thank you SO SO SO SO much for coming! Seriously- i know how much you sacrificed and I'm SO grateful!! you gave me a MUCH needed break! I feel sane again. normal again. thank you!! I miss your awesome husband and baby so i can't even imagine how you feel!!! They are so good to us to let you come!!!!!! I don't want you to leaveeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i could go on forever... anyway- THANK YOU!

I love you LOTS!

Lani said...

I loved Mother's Weekend as a daughter 35 years ago. And as a mother 5 to 10 years ago. I would look forward all year to spending that time with my mom and then with my kids. I meet Emily for the first time at the pizza joint in Rexburg! Those memories last a life time and help to mold you into the person you become.

Easton's "all clean" comment reminded me of the day I was talking to Steve on the phone and Eaaston said "phone done". He wanted his dad's total attention! They will enjoy their time alone too! Everybody wins! See you Thursday night! I can't wait!!!!

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

it could be tough, being your first night away from the little man but you'll have a blast. so much to do. Plus, every mom deserves a break, now and then. I'm still waiting for mine....:)

Lawther family said...

Enjoy your time away. I love the picture you have of Easton. He is so cute! You'll love the hugs and kisses even more when you come back. :)

Cannonball said...

You'll so get over this anxiety, trust me! The hugs and kisses when you return are SOOO great! You made the right decision! You'll be planning your next trip--like to CALIFORNIA to see your sister maybe? Then I could see you too!!!

Carol and Bruce said...

Your first Time Out for Mommy seemed to go really well. If you were miserable, you hid it well. It was tough even for me to hear his sweet little voice on the phone.

A big thanks to Steve and all your friends for making it possible for you to join us.

Oh, by the way, McDonalds pumpkin shakes don't hold a candle to Artic circle. I tried just to make sure.