Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving and Chili

Thanks to portable DVD players and lower gas prices we were able to get up to Boise for Thanksgiving weekend. Easton was glued to the tv for 7 hours and slept the other 3, so it was smooth sailing all the way
through the great state of Utah.

The morning after we got there, Easton took one look at the backyard and said, "whoa." And from then on it was , "outside? outside? outside?" He didn't care about the freezing temperatures. Lani was so good to play with him out there most of the time because I was too much of a baby to.

It's always fun to have the whole fam together. We're the only ones who don't live there, so I'm glad that when we do go, we get to see everyone.

We had a delicous Thanksgiving dinner that we were actually able to enjoy because Easton was taking a nap. The girls got out to see Twilight, shopped and were crafty, the boys went to the BSU football game, and the kids watched movies, screamed, and played outside. We had a houseful and I loved it.

In the kitchen getting ready to pig out. By the way that thing of popcorn wasn't part of our meal, it was left over from twilight. Playing a little Catch Phrase

What Easton did a good chunk of the trip. He and Brennen watching Cars.

Two extra bonuses of being in Idaho. Ilene recently moved there, and Jenni has to pass through on her way back to Rexburg! I just have to say, it felt so good to be sitting on Ilene's couch again. It felt just like old times and it was so fun to hold her cutest new baby and catch up. Thanks so much Ilene for taking the time to see me even with all your family in town! Laura is gorgeous!

It's always so fun to see you Jenni, thanks for staying and playing with us for the night!

Oops, I meant three bonuses of being in Idaho.
They don't sell this stuff in Nevada, so I stocked up. There's just no other canned chili like it.

Thanks Rogers, Nielsons and Tampas' for such a great weekend. We love you guys!


The Grahams said...

What a fun Thanksgiving.... there really is nothing like being together with the whole family. Aren't portable DVD players lifesavers for the car?? We can't go more than 2 hours away without it!

Ilene said...

It was FABULOUS seeing you too!! I think you should visit your inlaws more often. In fact, all the other law school girls should come too.

You are as darling as ever. Hopefully your next time through we can hang out a little more!

Lizzy said...

I've never seen anyone get excited over canned chili before. That is too funny. If you're ever running low, let me know and I'll mail some to ya.

Your thanksgiving looks like so much fun. I love the picture of Easton watching cars. And you and Ilene. It looked just like old times. Whenever I think of Ilene and the couch I think of the night we all cried after GG (but not because of GG). The way only a group of girls can.

Christi said...

I love Thanksgiving! I am so glad that Easton did awesome in the car. I am jealous that you got to see Ilene too!!!

Kara said...

I'm glad you had a good trip, and made it back safe and well. Nathan wanted to be outside the whole time we were gone too. Poor city boys that have no yards to play in.

Alifinale said...

I am jealous you got to see Ilene and hold baby Laura! Easton looks like he was in heaven with that backyard. Funny, I do like Nalley chili but I never noticed it isn't sold here. Glad you got some for us. Oh, you mean you only got some for your family? Rude.

Carol and Bruce said...

I'm so glad you got to have a great time with the Rogers family. They are wonderful! That picture of Easton on the big wheel is adorable, remember when they were all over the neighborhood? I haven't seen one since so I'm glad to know they still make them. He looks like such a big boy.

Funny about the Chili, I didn't know you liked that so much.

You guys are all spoiled with your portable DVD players, what about spelling your name on a sign or the first to see a man on a horse gets a dollar. What's this world coming to. I'm glad that Easton was happy in the car though.

Aimee said...

I'm so glad you guys got to come, it's never the same when you're not here, so THANKS!!! We love you tons and it's too bad we didn't have onion powder in our potatoes...you would have loved it.

Courtenay Beth said...

Em! What would Chili chips and cheese be without Nalley Chili? Wanna hear a heartbreaker though? It's full of GLUTEN!!! So I will just have to feast on the memories of such simpler times :)
YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Seriously, such a babe! Glad you got to have a great feast...wonderful. See you at Christmas?

Jenni said...

LOVE THE PICTURES!! I love the ones with Easton in the leaves :) Great post. It was SO SO SO good to see you. Seriously- you guys are so wonderful and I always miss you when you're gone!!! I can't wait for Christmas! Thanks for letting me crash your party, it was so fun!

And I love the picture with Easton :) Framin' it!!

Jenni said...


I TOTALLY agree and understand the Chili excitment haha!!!

Tara said...

You are cracking me up with the Chili. I am so jealous you got to see Ilene! You hear that Ilene? We miss you!

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

Sounds like a wonderful holiday! HOw did you like Twilight? I took Dane in the sling last Friday, 1 week old. Crazy me!

And no Nalley chili and nevada? what the heck? that stuff IS yummy! :)


We are also SUPER happy with the lower gas prices with our upcoming trek down to southern California! It looks like you had a fun trip and I had no idea about the chili - too funny! Though it is good stuff. :)
Hey, any recommendations on the DVD player? We're in the market because we have heard they are a LIFE-SAVER for road trips with toddlers.

Jill said...

Yum! Love the Nalley's chili! What's wrong with Nevada? Seriously! Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!