Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter and Graduation

Just a quick update on what we have done the first part of our trip. We are FINALLY in Oregon and done with traveling. I have to say that Easton did SO good on the plane, in the hotel, and the car during the 14 hour drive. I couldn't have asked for a better behaved kid and I was so glad.

Watching Ash's baseball game. It was FRIGID, but fun. Go Ash!Easter egg hunt with the cousins

Quick trip to visit grandpa at work

A short couple of days in Nampa with Steve's family with some Easter fun, some t-ball, shopping, and a visit with Ilene. And we also made a trip to urgent care where we learned that Easton has a fractured foot. Nothing major, but he gets to wear a sweet boot for the next 6 weeks. Crawling was his major mode of transportation for a few days, but now he's getting the hang of walking with the boot. I'm not gonna lie, I kind of liked the fact that he was less mobile and slowed down a little bit.

Then we went on to Rexburg and got my little sister all graduated!! I can't even believe it.

The graduate...just 5 years ago that we ME! Crazy. I'm just so proud, look how grown up she is!
A birthday dinner for grandpa! Easton is really getting the hang of the song.

A little Easter breakfast. Notice the chocolate cupcake? Gross.
It's nice to be settled and in one place for the next week. But we miss daddy like CRAZY!!! And I hate that I missed the birth of cute baby Jackson and can't even wait to spend hours holding him when I get back!


Steve said...

Cute pictures and video! Congrats Jenni.

Lizzy said...

I'm dying over that video! So funny. Have fun on the rest of your trip!

Kara said...

Oh, this post makes me miss you even more!! I can't wait till you get back, but I'm glad you're having a good time. You look SO cute in that graduation picture with Jenni! I love that dress and your cute pregnant belly finally showing! I am glad Easton is getting the hang of his boot. I hope you're not freezing your butt off!

Jill said...

i love you easton
from: joseph

Teresa, mom, Deitz, Aunt Dee Dee said...

How fun. I love Easton's singing. He should be the next American Idol. lol.
Hope you are having fun. Family's are the best!!!!

Meg said...

Are you really in Oregon? Are you local? Some of us girls are going out tonight if you want to come.

Melanie said...

Love that video!! I hope he will sing to me too! Oh, and I love how adorable you are pregnant!

Ilene said...

It was so fun seeing you and chatting just like we still lived in the same town.

I thought of you and your sister as we passed through Rexburg on our way to West Yellowstone. I'm glad it was a fun trip for you (other than the Easton incident)!

Christi said...

I am so glad that you are having a good time! We miss you guys. Hope you aren't freezing too :)
Cute video.

I hope I can see you when you get back and boxes haven't eaten me.

Mary said...

Poor guy! I hope he's ok (what happened?)!

You're sure a good looking pregnant lady!

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

Glad you've had a great time so far. Sorry I won't be coming down though. If you plan on heading to portland though, it would be fun to see you and let you meet dane. even if it's for 10 minute or so.

and now I believe you. you are totally showing. cute belly in that pic with jenni and congrats to jenni! :)

The Boman Family said...

I love that picture of you and Jenni. You both look so gorgeous!! :o)

Lani said...

Great Pics and I love the Birthday song! He is so worried about cleaning up the table! It is so cute!
I hopt Easton's foot is doing better!
Jenni and you both look amazing!
Love you all!

Megan and Greg said...

Super cute! I've NEVER heard Easton talk before, he was so little last time I saw him. That was SO CUTE him singing! Holy cow you're prego. I already knew it, but seeing your belly I just thought, "Wow, someone's in there." I know I'm a wierdo.

Carol and Bruce said...

I'm so glad you captured that song on video, I can watch it over and over and remember what he sounds like. We are having withdrawls. I bet you are exhausted but we were so glad to have you along on the drive and Easton was the best little traveler. I know it meant a lot to Jennifer to have you there for graduation.

Jenni said...

ok first of all, Easton is the BEST little traveler there ever was! He was so good the whole time! And I cannot thank you ENOUGH for coming!!! It would have not been the same without you!!!!!!! As a matter of fact, I miss you REAL bad already!! How's easty boys foot doing?!!! Love you!

Lindsay said...

Wow, Jenni, way to graduate from college and make me feel old. Congrats ;)