Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yay For Dads!

We love this Dad! He does so much for us and we're so lucky to have him. My favorite is when I have had a long day and he comes home and takes Easton to the park, gives him a bath and puts him to bed...even though he had a long day too. It makes Easton so happy, and is so helpful to me. Happy Father's Day! We love you!


Anonymous said...

Great pic of two great guys! I hope your day is great too!

Love and miss you guys! Wish I could have seen Easton at the splash park!


Lauren said...

Dads are great and it sounds like you guys have a good one too! Hope you all had a great day today!

Carol and Bruce said...

Super cute picture and we are sure grateful for the Dad that Steve is.
We had a really good day, certainly quieter than Father's Day used to be but so sweet to hear from all his children.

Yay for Dads!

The Boman Family said...

Dads really are the greatest! It sounds like Steve is a super dad! :o)

Jill said...

yay for Steve! Love that pic.

Jenni said...

I LOVE that picture!!!!!! And I also Love steve :) I'm so glad you have such a fantastic husband for you and your babies ;)