Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day

Steve has been working really hard and long hours lately, so we were pretty excited that he took the whole Labor Day weekend off. We headed up to Mt. Charleston again to beat the heat and have a picnic with some friends. We even found a tiny creek for them to play in. How gross does that water look?
Cute kiddos. Hannah, Emmers, E, Paige.

I love this picture...this is what happens when we tell them to say cheese.

So apparently Labor Day means the end of summer and start of school for most people. We still have 100 degree weather though. Also, I'm pretty sure Easton is the only 3 year old who isn't going to pre-pre-pre-school (because I don't believe in sending my kid to 2-3 years of pre school), so all of our friends are going to be too busy to hang out with us. I need to re-evaluate our schedule and find some fun things for us to do so we don't drive each other crazy.

Oh, and Carly came with us too, but she did this most of the time.


*Stephanie Lance* said...

CUTE! love the pics! 3 day weekends with husbands, family and friends are the BEST! But i kind of don't like labor day because it DOES mean the end of summer. Oh well, there's always next year! love you!

Alifinale said...

It was fun times and so nice and cool. I love the "cheese" picture. I love that I can hear them saying cheese when I see that picture.

No worries, we are only busy for 4 hours a week - we are all about playing the remaining 164.


Yay for 3-day weekends! I'm glad you were able to enjoy the time together and even get away from the heat.

And apparently I'm not the only one who doesn't really go for the whole pre-pre-school thing?!? Ethan won't be 3 until next Spring, but it seems like that is quite the trend lately - sending 3yr-olds to preschool. I'm still debating it - my sisters and I never went to any sort of preschool. I was thinking maybe when Ethan is 4, but am glad I'm not the only one! IF we lived in Vegas and IF I was a stay-at-home mom, our boys could totally get together for non-preschool play dates!
[PS: Not that I'm trying to put down anyone whose kids are in preschool! I'm just not sure it will be for us.]

Carol and Bruce said...

I was beginning to wonder if Carly had to stay home with a sitter or something. Sounds like a fun day and I'm glad poor Steve got a rest.

I'm with you, if you are able to stay at home with him, why send him to pre school?

Christi said...

I love the cheese picture. Looks like fun! I am with Alison there are still plenty of hours to play!
Too bad Carly is the cutest thing ever.

Kara said...

Hey, that's what gymnastics is for right?? We will still hang out. Maybe when your 3-year old isn't taking naps anymore, we can hang out more during the day.

Jenni said...

OHHHH that picture of Carly is just melting me. I miss her real bad. And also, I love the picture of you and Steve, you guys are still the hottest couple around. When I read your blog, I just can't get enough of the pictures. So, if you could just keep posting picture of your babies that would be wonderful :).

Oh and yeah, NO SCHOOL FOR EASTON! I agree! he's a baby!!!!

labor day was great. 3 day weekends are so wonderful!

Cannonball said...

I'm so on the same page of the no pre-pre-preschool thing...I don't get it. They leave us all too soon anyway why push them out any earlier. My kids never did any formal pre-schooling and they are amazing(at least in my eyes)
Labor Day is a fun weekend. We're still 100 degrees too, UGH!!! (makes me miss Oregon)

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

Glad you got steve on labor day, that's a real treat! We got Aaron too but all we did was labor all day long, get it? Labor Day. :) painting, laying floors, etc. updated my blog. yeah, believe it! :) take a look!

Lauren said...

Gotta love the beautiful weather up there, looks like you had fun! Oh and for right now none of my kids are in preschool so call me if you get to board!

Jill said...

Happy Labor Day! Sorry about the long hours. I hate that! Especially with a new baby!

So refreshing to hear all those in agreement of not pushing kids out the door to school after the crazy people here in Seattle.

Lani said...

I love being the mountains and enjoying the fresh air and the wonders of nature! It refreshes your spirit like no other.

I'm with Jenni about hearing Easton and Hannah saying CHEESE. Love it!

Carly looks so cute! and she is growing so big can't wait to see her!

Bringhursts said...

Ohhh, that looks fun. And isn't it always such a great feeling when your husband has time off?

Mary said...

So glad Carly made it looking so chill! Girl, how are you so brave with such a newbie?

Yahoo for the great outdoors!