Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 4th

We had a really great 4th of July and I hope you all did too! I think it is becoming one of my favorite holidays to celebrate. It's so much fun with kids, and then 2 kids makes it even more fun that that...the husband gets a day off of work and he's so happy about it he agrees to come to a scorching parade, and the older I get, the more grateful I become to live in such a beautiful, great, free country. To kick off the weekend festivities we went to the parade in Summerlin with some good friends. You all know how I feel about parades, and this one was great. Not quite the small town feel that I am used to, but still fun, patriotic, and way too hot.Lovin' this bus.

The two silliest, cutest boys around.

These 2 kids were so well behaved I couldn't believe it. We tried really hard to keep them shaded, but despite the heat, they sat in the wagon the entire 2.5 hours we were there. Of course they wouldn't look at me for a pic, so you get the tops of their heads. They were content kicking each other and stealing snacks.

I love you.

Later that night we had a bbq with some of our good ol' Oregon Law pals. I only got one pic...of the 2 cutest people there. Thanks guys for the good times and yummy food!

On the 4th we just hung out with some neighbors and did sparklers and popsicles. It was perfect for the kids.

Easton has a love/hate relationship with fireworks. He acts all scared of the sparklers, but he loved the big ones in the sky. We had a nice view from his bedroom window where we watched right before bed time.
Carly looking riveted as usual.

Happy 4th! I love this country. I feel very fortunate to live here and am grateful for the sacrifices of others who protect our freedom. I spent a lot of the weekend feeling so happy to be able to share this time in my life with my family. Hope you had a great weekend too!


Megan and Greg said...

That headband is too cute. I'm glad you had a good weekend.

Danielle said...

Cute cute kids. I love that one of Carly and Steve where she's smiling. Looks like a fun time!

Courtenay Beth said...

AHHH, SO fun!!!!! It all looks so fun! Those kids keep getting more and more beautiful!

Jenni said...

hahahhahaha, the "carly looking rivited" comment at the end really got me laughing. SHE IS SO GORGEOUS! I could stare at picture of your children all day. I love them so much. That sounds like a wonderful weekend, but you went to a PARADE IN VEGAS IN JULY?? I probably would have been worse behaved than carly!! yikes!!

Love the pictures and so glad you guys had fun!

Enjoy mom and dad's visit! I'm sad they left me :(

Christi said...

I am so jealous that your parade threw candy!!! I love how riveting Carly looks too. They are awesome!

Jill said...

Great pics! I didn't get a single one of our 4th. It was a little disappointing. It rained, and Joseph cried. :) Way to get out and celebrate.


Looks like a fun, patriotic weekend! I love all the red, white and blue in all the pictures. Cute kids!

Kara said...

Oh, I like your 4th post! I still need to give you some pictures don't I? I haven't even had time to look at mine. Thanks for coming to the parade with us and suffering through that heat! Let's go to CA next year and get out of the heat!

Megan and Greg said...

3 weeks, Em? C'mon, you are overdue for a post. :)