Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Miners Rescued

Did anyone else watch this last night? Amazing. More about this story here. The last thing I feel like doing right now is blogging, but for some reason this whole ordeal had me very emotional and I just feel like documenting it. These pictures are from This first one is right as the first miner was coming up. His son was in tears, waiting anxiously to see his dad. I was sobbing. Very sweet.

Steve and I watched them pull 3 people out, and then it was time for bed. When E climbed into bed with me this morning and we turned on the tv, this is what I saw:Seconds after being pulled out. And it made me want to do the same thing.
I just felt so grateful for so much all of a sudden.


Teresa, mom, Deitz, Aunt Dee Dee said...

I am totally in agreement with you. I have shed many a tear in the last 24 hours as I have watched and been amazed at the ingenuity of man. To think that they were able to put a tube down, through the mountain rock and dirt, large enough to rescue these men.

Around 8:30, there was another young boy who was first to hug is daddy as he came up from the mine.

I am grateful for all who did so much to rescue ALL these men and for modern miracles in our day that through the media, we too get to see and experience such a miraculous event!

Thanks for the post and for thinking about sharing this experience. Miracles truly do still happen in our day....we just need to look and watch to see the handy work of the Lord!

Lindsay said...

Yeah isn't it amazing? Such a miracle.

Jenni said...

I'm so glad you clued me into this last night. It's an absolute miracle and really did make me feel so grateful today. I just can't believe they were down there for so long. I feel for their families. But I'm so happy they're safe!

Carol and Bruce said...

I didn't see much tv in the last week and this is the first thing I saw this evening and it did just feel like a miracle happened with this rescue. We take so much for granted each day. I'm grateful for you and your family.

Hibbard Family said...

I am right there with you, Emily. I woke up in the middle of the night and watched half awake. Then on and off the next day, just couldn't stop watching. I love how the president was there the whole time!

Matt and Shannon said...

Can you imagine going 17 days before even knowing you'd be rescued or not? I know they must have been praying - so inspiring, and a good reminder to us too.

Bringhursts said...

Yes, very touching. And even more touching was watching the one guy's mistress hug him as well.

Just sayin'.