Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm A Great Aunt

It seems as though sickness doesn't want to leave us just yet. I feel like Carly is making up for all the healthy years I had with Easton. We got a break in the sickness for a few days though, which was nice. Steve took MLK day off and we got to play baseball at the park and ride scooters. The other 2 days the kids weren't sick the weather was warm and beautiful so we spent hours at the park both days. What I should have done instead was:
* Go to the grocery store (haven't gone since before Christmas)
*Return our WAY overdue library books
* Clean my house

* Go visit or take dinner to 3 friends with new babies
* Maybe take down my Christmas stuff?

* Finally get the cookies made that I have been wanting to make and take to those awesome people who came to my rescue in primary last Sunday


My perfect, beautiful baby girl has had a high fever for 2 days. I don't know if it's just a random bug she got from somewhere, or if she's slowly getting sicker while I refuse to take her in to the dr only to pay them and have them tell me there's nothing wrong (I really hate that). 104.2 is high though, right?

My sister became a grandma this week. My oldest niece, Cierra had her first baby. And he is in the NICU. Baby Harlan was in surgery all day yesterday for his heart. Among other things, he has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. He is at Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland and is getting great care. I'm so grateful for baby doctors. And I'm grateful that my niece is able to stay there until they are able to bring their baby home. I'm grateful that my parents went to see him and that my dad could give him a blessing. I'm glad that my sister can be there for her daughter and I'm convinced that my niece is stronger than I ever could be.

So while I rock my fireball of a baby, I think about how her fever will most likely be gone tomorrow, and how blessed I am to have healthy kids.


Alifinale said...

With your title I was waiting to hear about how you missed your favorite nieces birthday or something (like you were being sarcastic with the title). How exciting that you are actually a Great Aunt! Sad that the baby is not doing too great, I hope surgeries go well and he gets healthy.

And I so hear you on the sick thing. So tired of it. Hope you guys get better soon.

Megan and Greg said...

Have you really not gone grocery shopping? How are you alive?!!!! I go every week!!!! What are you eating!!! Sorry about the fever. That stinks. That is high. Scarlet gets cranky at 99, which is about as high as it's ever been.

Rebecca and Nick said...

Oh my goodness, 104 is way high!! Is she still that way? I would call the dr, at least. I freak out when my kids are 103.

yeah, how are you surviving without going to the grocery store for that long? Food storage?

I heard Easton is going to the same school at Reagan and Owen this fall! I am excited about that.

Jenn said...

I'm glad for baby doctors also! Shawn works all the time, but honestly I feel so lucky that he gets to be such a big part of peoples life and help those innocent little sick babies.

Sorry your baby has been sick, hope everyone is feeling better soon and seriously you need to get to the grocery store :)

Carol and Bruce said...

Beautiful post about Harlan. Life is so precious and he has really reminded me of that this week. What a tough little boy and yes, thank heavens for those Drs. who are devoted to saving lives. We seldon have reason to think about such things but you are right, they are takings such good care of him.

I do hope Carly is feeling better today. Going to the Dr. stinks and the medicine too but aren't we grateful it's there when we need it. There is nothing worse that watching your little one be sick. Hugs and kisses to Carly and Easton.

Steve said...

I'm married to you and I just got what the title of your blog means (that your niece had a baby making you a great-aunt).

I thought you were bragging about the quality of your aunt abilities. Maybe I should read your blog more closely.

Kara said...

I can't believe you are a GREAT Aunt, I mean, I knew you were always a great and wonderful Aunt. I hope Carly is better every hour and that you get some good rest tonight and tomorrow. I hope your Great-Nephew gets better soon too.

Jill said...

Such a sweet little picture of Harlan. What a strong little boy he is. Not to mention his parents and grandparents!

And what an awful way to spend your January: sick and stuck inside. Is Carly better? I hate fevers!

The Morrisons... said...

I can't believe how big your kids are getting! So cute. Congrats on becoming a great aunt...I hope that cute little guys recovers fast!


haha- i loved yoru comment on my green sweats post- yeah- I've never worn a sports bra! I love these sweats! They're awesome!

Mary said...

That is one high fever for that little Carly! Gosh. I seriously feel for you. Being caved up and that unable to sleep feeling because you jump at any little sound worried about your little people . . .

Yeah that you are a Great Aunt (and for incredible doctors who work miracles)!