Monday, May 16, 2011

Ms. Chantelle's Kindergarten Prep

Easton and Ms. Chantelle

Easton just finished his last week of pre-school. We'll miss school and Ms. Chantelle so much. She was awesome and took pictures all year of the kids and their activities. I don't ever want to forget how special this year was for Easton. He turned into a kid, learned to read, learned to listen, tried to learn to write, made friends, asked a MILLION questions, and had a ton of fun!

Here are his classmates. Aren't they cute?!

Projects and pajama day!

I'm going to miss seeing these kids every week and hearing about what everyone brought for show and tell.
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Carol and Bruce said...

So cute! I love Miss Chantelle, I want to be her, it's like my dream job. I love teaching that age children so much. I have seen the growth in Easton too and am so glad he loved going to school, remember how you almost didn't send him? Decisions, decisions, but you made the right one. He is so prepared for kindergarten now but I don't want him to go because he will be too grown up.
Love and miss you all.

Jenni said...

I'm dying here. I love Miss Chantelle too and want to personally thank her for making this such a good experience for my Easton. It's kind of killing me to look at those pictures and see how grown up he looks. Yowzas sis! I love that boy so much and I'm so glad he has so many good friends and is learning so much.

I miss you guys real bad.

Aimee said...

Hooray for learning!! I can't believe he'll be a kindergartner! Easton could probably teach his own dinosour class by now.

Kara said...

I feel the same way about preschool, can't we just keep them in it forever?

Alifinale said...

I cried on their last day and this post makes me want to cry again. I am so glad that Em and E got to do it together.

Matt and Shannon said...

So cute - and I was just there to see it first hand. I wonder if we know anyone else who will be in her class? Anyone from your ward?


I can't believe our kids are growing up and going off to school. Of course, Ethan still has another year but I know it will go by fast. So did Easton do just 1 year of Preschool? Ethan hasn't done any yet, but I'm hoping he's able to go this coming school year. I keep thinking I will do a little preschool thing at home but have yet to really be that motivated on it - better to put him in the hands of a professional! I really don't think I could ever do home school.
Good luck with your new calling! Yowsa! Use your counselors.
Oh, and any exciting plans for your birthday? I hate thinking that this is our last birthday in our twenties! :( Sigh... Where has the time gone???

Rebecca and Nick said...

What a cute little class he had! I can't believe preschool is over. Can he really read? He's so smart.