Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring Break With the Sorensens!

When my little sister and I were the only ones left at home, we spent our spring breaks riding the train down to my older sister's house with my mom. I loved those train rides because the scenery is GORGEOUS, and there were always some freaky people to look at or talk to. My mom has several stories of special people she has met on the train. Obviously I haven't been able to visit for Spring Break in awhile, but now I live in a fun place where people want to spend their spring breaks. So even though I just went to CA for the sealing, the whole Sorensen clan came to spend spring break with me!!!! It was awesome!

I made them take a picture in front of the sign because I have been wanting to do this since I moved here. I wish I could have gotten a picture of all of us loaded up in Mel's awesome van. It sure was convenient.

Tie dye twins!

Another first for me, we went to the Cobra museum down at the racetrack and saw some SAWEET cars, like this one behind the cuties. They had a tour of the factory, and apparently the thing to do is sign the wall, so all the kids did. Here's Nick:

Here's Easton:
And my favorite: Bella

Bethany and Carly were buds at the museum and in the car. I think she needs to come visit me every summer, she sure was nice to have around!

The girls and I left the boys at home one night and went to the Bellagio for gelato and crepes. YUM!

Bella is my soul sister. She reminds me so much of me! She's a little tomboy; loves her boy shorts, and her favorite thing at the adventure dome was laser tag. And she even loves to eat cookies for breakfast. My kind of girl. She was so nice to Easton and Carly too. I can't believe how grown up she is getting. :(

It was also our first time going to the Adventuredome at Circus Circus. That place is way cool. Easton loved the bumper cars. The picture on the top left he is laughing so hard. He usually just tolerates rides, so it was fun to see him loving it. My favorite part of this day though, was after I forced Easton to go on a dinosaur ride (similar to Soarin' Over CA at California Adventure only worse) he was feeling a little queasy...so was I. A few minutes later I asked him how he was feeling and he said, "Yea, I think my tummy was just a little bit confused." I for one think that's a great way to describe that feeling. He was spot on.
Easton and Joshie just wanted to play play play, and Carly wanted to be right next to Joshie at all times. It was pretty cute. We had a great time Sorensens, come back any time!!!


Megan and Greg said...

I love Carly's tye-dye shirt. I've really been wanting one for Scarlet.

Carol and Bruce said...

Well, I laughed out loud and cried. That was such a good post, I'm so glad they came and that you had a fun time. That is quite a group af people by the sign, I'm glad you had the van too.

You forgot to mention that Bella is named after you and she so reminds me of you.

Looks like you thought of some really fun things to do for all ages. You are an excellent hostess and tour guide!!

I love the pictures! And the "my tummy was confused" remark is hilarious! Love that he was laughing on the ride too.

Jenni said...

I was about to say the SAME thing as mom! I laughed and cried!!! AWESOME POST!I have so much to say. First of all, I am majorly jealous. That really looks like the funnest week ever and I'm sad I missed it.

Em, every time I see a picture of Carly I think "HOWWWW does she keep getting cuter??" I LOVE HER! I could stare at her all day! She is so beautiful! And nothing makes me happier than to see Easton laughing so hard. I love that child.

The Sorensen kids look so good! That picture of Beth is beautiful! Oh and the one of Mel and Carly-- SO CUTE!

Amen- you and Bella are totally soul sisters. I bet you are her favorite because you guys can relate so well. How is it that the tom boys in the family are the most beautiful?! Love it!

The signatures! Eastons totally had me cracking up and the Bella's had me nodding my head in approval hahaha!

Anyway- great post! LOVED reading it!

Love you!

Aimee said...

Love all these fun pictures. I'm so glad you included the funny dinosour/confused stomach story, it made me laugh so hard for the second time!!

Melanie said...

Emily, two great posts! Thank you so much! We really did have a great time and the kids were so sad to leave! Thanks so much for letting us stay with you and being so flexible! It was so fun getting to know your babies more! I haven't gotten to spend enough time with them! They are both adorable and so smart! Hope you are feeling good! Love you so much!!

Kara said...

You are a great hostess! You guys did things I've never done and I've lived here for 8 years!! I love what Easton said about his tummy after the ride. We'll have to check out Adventuredome sometime. I always assumed it was a scary, gross place, but apparently cooler than I thought.

Lindsay said...