Sunday, February 19, 2012

Getting Through the Last Month

This is the way I prefer my kids these days.

I gave myself the mom of the year award for making valentine sugar cookies one night while we were babysitting our friends' kids. Sugar cookies are so much work and when I was done I was pretty much paralyzed...but they had fun and that's what matters, right?

Here is Daddy enjoying Carly's work.

It was hat day at school. Look at these 2 cute kids and their rivaling hats.
Go Broncos AND Go Ducks!

Court and Everett came to visit this week! I'm so glad they did, it really broke up the monotony around here. Court was so helpful to me and put up with my mood swings, laziness, indecisiveness and grumpiness. She's a peach and Everett is a cutie! By the way, who knows how to solve to toddler girl butt crack problem? It drives me insane.

We made bows and headbands galore! Court is super crafty and talented, and I am not...but now my baby will not suffer from my ignorance. The kids slept for 2 hours and we got so much done.

The problem with sleeping for 2 hours is that Carly then won't go to bed at night. We thought maybe a dance party would help tire her out, but nope. She was up til 10. I hate that she is giving up her naps. Hate hate hate.

Couldn't resist. Courtenay really needs to have a girl this time! But the whole time Everett was here I kept thinking about how much I love having little boys around. 5 year old boys are a different story.

Pretty sure he's doing some sort of Star Wars something or other.

Thanks for the fun visit guys!


Megan and Greg said...

I'm so jealous, everyone's visiting you! I am the same way about crafts. I bought so many crafty stuff to make for scarlet to now give up and realize I should never try again. I think if I had someone to instigate the whole thing and direct me, I could do it. I just am not motivated enough. It's just easier to buy things. It's the same price when you can't buy enough for 3 headbands or clippies, it has to be a JAR of buttons or whatever, so it's just the same to go to target and buy a few. They look super cute though. You are superwoman for making cookies with multiple kids. I am already so tired it is scaring me to think I'm only half way thru and it's only going to get worse.

Christi said...

I am glad that you had a good time with your friend! Friend visits are always the best. I love the picture of Rea and E in their hats!!! Also if you figure out the butt crack problem (b/c for us its not just a toddler thing) let us know!!!!!

Jenni said...

I loved this soo much! Except for the part about you being ready to be done being pregnant... on that topic, I'm ready for your girly to get here too so that you can hopefully feel better and catch a break!!! But she has to wait her turn!

I agree with your choice for mom of the year. You deserve it. I made sugar cookies just by myself, without kids around, and I Was POOOOOOPED! So you go girl!

I love the pictures so much. I love that one of Carly and Steve. Carly is looking so grown up and it's killing me! I'm so glad you had a fun time with Court! She's really good at bringing the fun with her. And i'm SUPER jealous of all of those hair bows!!! OH and I LOVEEE how she did carly's hair! Looks like so much fun!

Courtenay Beth said...

Sugar cookies are SOOOO much work! Your kids will remember how fun you are for it though! Oh man, we had SO much fun, it was a MUCH needed escape from the ho-hum days of winter blahs that are even worse without my other half! It was fun to craft and play with your kids, it was so nice to see and FEEL the sunshine and to talk to a grown-up! It was also sooo nice to visit you because I didn't feel like I had to be entertained, I could just relax and be myself and you were so good to me! and I LOOOVE that picture of Everett in the tutu...haha perfection!

Carol and Bruce said...

Such a fun post. I'm glad you had a fun visit with Court, it's so fun to come to your house. The pictures are all so great...I love the one of Easton and Reagan in their hats, they are looking so grown up and Carly with her hair and skirts, too cute for words.

Good job making the cookies, did Easton eat one? The hair bows are adorable. I hope you feel good this week. XO

Aimee said...

Oh how that last month just drags on!! I'm sorry it's been so rough.

On a happier note, all the pictures are so cute...even the one of Carly's little bum crack!!

Hey, I want to come visit you guys and new baby girl! When would be good? And I'll get a free flight since dumb American Air lost our bags in NYC on our way to the cruise!!

Aimee said...
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Jill said...

Hey, I want to see a picture of your belly!

Super cute kids you have, though! They look so big and I'm missing them. Thinking about dates to visit. I'll call soon.

I'm a firm believer that the effort of sugar cookies is worth it. I have fond memories from my childhood that I've tried to recreate as well. Good for you!

Good luck and happy pushing!