Monday, May 21, 2007

What To Do...

Alright Liz...your blog got me thinking. What in the world am I going to do this summer? Starting on Wednesday Steve returns to crazy study mode, and E and I are left to fend for ourselves in a new, unfamiliar city. Usually we would take walks, go shopping, visit friends or go to the park; but now I'm not so sure. No one in this family is working, so shopping is out...last week it was already in the come June and July, walking is out...and I don't know anyone to go and visit! Now, the good thing is that Steve's mom is a teacher, so she is done with school soon and will be free to hang out with me. I hope she's okay with this. She is really into geocaching and is slowly getting me into it as well. It's fun to walk around and find new places and be outside. Plus, all of my other hobbies (pretending to read, pretending to sew, scrapbook, pretending to work out) have been put on hold since all of the equipment that I need for them is in storage.

I really want to venture out and see the sights of Boise and learn what there is to do's a nice looking city and I'm sure they have lots to offer...but in the mean time, send your suggestions my way of what I can do so I don't become too lazy!

2 hour 24 season finale tonight! Don't forget!


Alifinale said...

Well, there's blogging, and... I'm out. I hate being bored and I find myself more and more so lately. You could see if there is a storytime at the local library or window shop (that's all I've been doing for the last 3 years).

So geocaching is fun eh? I have heard of it. Well, I am sure you will find something to fill your days. Good luck.

Steve said...

Why do you need things to do? Your time should be all filled with cooking, cleaning, laundry, and making sure you look nice for when I come home.

I can just imagine some of you girls getting pissed right now. I AM ONLY KIDDING. She doesn't need to look nice when I get home, as long as the food is on the table and the house is clean. AGAIN...KIDDING.

Tara said...

You could always get in to "Days of Our Lives", I hear that Stefano is still causing trouble. Yeah start watching that while you sit on the couch and eat frosting straight out of the can. Crap I am so jealous of you! That is my fantasy dangit!

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

Steve cracks me up. Luckily, I know he's kidding because if he wasn't.....WATCH OUT!!!!

Em, you know me, I would enjoy the outdoors. I know it's hot there but walks can be done in the morning and evening and going to the park (I'm sure there are some in the shade) is a fun way to spend a summer afternoon. So don't rule those ones out quite yet. Storytime at the library would be fun or swimming at an outdoor pool is the best in the summertime! E needs all the water exposure he can get. He's at a great age for it! And there's texting and emailing could spend all day doing that, right?! I know you love me!

Lizzy said...

Emily, I hear ya. I have family near by (as close as the next room), but I still feel your pain. It's hard having all your (pretend) hobbies in storage. I hear Demi and Ashton reside in Idaho. Maybe you could become a stalker. That's got to take time, right?

Anonymous said...

#1 Get the sewing maching out of storage, it's a small item
#2 Make videos to send to grandma of Easton
#3 come and visit grandma with Easton
#4 read all those book you have
# 5 enjoy every day with Easton and enjoy this calm time in your life, it won't last long:)
love you, miss you

destiny said...

Ummm...If you are complaining about the heat while in Boise, you might want to rethink wanting to move to Las Vegas!

I have an idea, you can read books, I love to read, it's finding the time that's hard. I just read a good one, The Sunflower by Richard Paul Evans.

Steve said...

Good idea about the sewing machine. I have a couple of shorts that need patching.


girl... you're in idaho. if i was you i'd be making the 4 hour trek to rexburg EVERY DAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. i love that place.

or you could get a myspace, that'll keep you busy for HOURS!!!!!!!

or call me. :)

p.s.- steve you just kill me!!!! that's hilarious, even if you weren't joking- that's just funny i don't care who you are!

beyer family said...

we LOVE geocaching! it's SOOOOOO much fun. and plus you can do it anywhere. we've been doing it for almost 3 years now.

beyer family said...

emil, vegas is only 3 hours away! you remember we went there to visit boys? uh, anywho... that was a long time ago ;)
that would be mucho fun! we go there every may for supercross anyways, so then seeing you would be bonus!!