Thursday, August 16, 2007

House Pics

So, this is where we will reside for the next year or so. It's quite a bit different from the apartments we've rented before. Like...tons better! It's a really cute house and I'm getting used to all the space. At first it felt way too big, but now I like it. It's very white and the walls are empty...please throw all cute and EASY decorating ideas my way...otherwise I will just plaster Easton pictures all over the place!
View from the front.
This is what you see when you walk through the front door. Easton is enjoying a baby einstein video that Emery let him borrow.
Master bedroom. It's so big. To the left is a gigantic bathroom and walk-in closet.
This is at the top of the stairs. I just wanted to show that there are lots of windows. I like that about this place. Oops I forgot to put a picture of our backyard on here! Oh well, just picture a long, skinny path of dirt and a fence.

So there you have it. Home sweet home.


Carol said...

I love, love, love it!!! And that was so cute to see little Easton watching a video. Oh, I wish I could see him again. We are so happy for you to have this new home. Enjoy and keep us posted.

greg&sarina said...

Emily - your house looks great!! looks like a very nice place to call home :) as for decorating... we've been in our house for about 2.5 months and haven't really done much but move furniture in and unpack boxes... except for the box of frames waiting to be hung up - its still unpacked :) congrats!

Danielle and Clayton said...

I LOVE IT! What a lovely change from apartments to a house! It looks way nice! The kitchen looks fabulous- it looks like nice counters and cupboards. I really love all the windows too. Oh- and the picture of easton is so cute! I love that he is just sitting in that little chair in the middle of the floor watching the laptop. At first I thought he was just sitting there watching the couch but then I noticed the laptop. Anyway- the place looks great! I am so happy for you. Decorating tips- after I made curtains, I realized they added SOOO much personality to the room. They are so easy to make- that's an idea. Hmm....Other than that, I would probably put Easton pictures all over. Oh yeah- and it's really easy to take all your frames and paint them the same color- remember Amy's blue ones, I did brown- so easy and SO cute. Good luck!

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

Ok, all I have to say is LOVE IT!!!! ever watch Dragon Tales? You know the girl dragon head from the two headed dragon? Weezy? I meant it just like that! LOVE IT!!!!!! from the front shot to the windows above the stairs, it looks bright and beautiful. Now I am jealous and could move there tomorrow if promised a great little house like yours! Congrats em for scoring on such a cute place! Enjoy!

Jill said...

Wow, talk about an upgrade! It's amazing. How fun for you. It looks like you have a nice little neighborhood. I hope the backyard is big enough for Easton to do a little bit of running around in. If it's ever cool enough to do some running around outside. :) I miss you guys already. Kiss Easton for me.

Alifinale said...

What a lovely home you have there. Is Easton singing E-I-E-I yet? Don't worry it will come. Ok, we will have a decorating party because it is no fun to hang up pictures by yourself (and definitely no fun with the hubs)

Ben & Diane said...

oh my scored. what an awesome place. love the kitchen and the hardwood floors. you will be surprised how quickly you will come up with decorating ideas. you'll always be looking for things to put up. can you paint? if you can I have ideas.

Steve said...

Thank you Alison! There are only a few things worse than hanging pictures. Here is how a typical picture hanging session goes:
Wife: Will you hold this picture so I can see if it is straight.
Husband: Do I have to?
Wife: Please
Husband: How does this look
(Five minutes later)
Wife: A little higher on the right.
Husband: Ok, what about now?
(Five minutes later)
Wife: Huh, that's a little too high.
Husband: Now?
(Five minutes later)
Wife: Umm, that is a little too low.
Husband: This is ridiculous! The picture is straight.
Wife: No it's not! It is crooked.
Husband: Fine, you hold it so I can look. (Husband looks at the picture) The picture is straight!

...and so on.

Emily said...

Danielle, thanks for the ideas! We have tons of windows, so maybe some curtains would be fun. Plus, I'm really anxious to try out my new sewing machine.

Tara said...

Holy crap your house looks awesome! I am super jealous. I'm stuck in the blasted glenbrook for another few months. BOO!

Lizzie said...

Wow that's a beautiful house! Did you guys buy it or are you renting? If you're renting, do they mind if you paint???

Megan and Greg said...

Yes it is a home SWEEEEEEEEEEET home. Holy cow you live there! Suddenly you got all grown up and adult! You know what I mean. I can't believe you guys live there. I want to live in a huge beautiful house! Ah.. . some day. Congratulations! So incredibly exciting!

Ilene said...

Well, color me impressed! You kitchen is so nice! Love the floors in the living room. Pictures of Easton are a great way to decorate! Well, if you get tired of him, I can always send you nice big pictures of me to hang up. I know how much that will add to your decor.

Ilene said...

Oh, I will leave one decorating tip. Or two. First of all, don't hang any picture too high. Too many people hang pictures way up on a wall. they should be at a normal person's eye-level (of course this is excepting our exceptionally tall husbands or if a piece of art is hung above a tall piece of furniture like a piano). Two, find someone who likes to sew and guilt them into "helping" you make drapes, roman shades, etc. I do this a lot. That's why I have the cutest window treatments and pillows. I ask for them to help and end up picking out the fabric and cutting it out while they do the hard stuff. Oh, and make sure you line all window treatments with black-out lining (found at the fabric store). Otherwise your fabric will fade and sun will still filter through (and heat)-- that is the problem with store-made curtains, they are unlined and do diddly squat other than look cute. I am unhandy with my sewing machine (hence the guilting people into helping me), but I did make those drapes (yes, they were lined) that were over my sliding glass door at my old house (and new). They were easy to sew because I managed to do them all by myself without any major emotional breakdowns.

Lindsay said...

Yea what a fun house. I can't waite to get out of an apartment also. I'm so excited for you guys.

Sharon/mom said...

I love it!!!! What a nice place, Easton pics sound good to me!!!

Amy: said...

OH MY GOSH! That is so nice! yowsa! you're living like the rich and famous now! It is so cool! I loved the picture of easton watching the movie- because he just looks really into it. Wow, everything is so nice! OK- so decorating- I took all my ugly frames, from highschool- college- married, metal, plastic, wood, all of the above- and painted them the same color. I got the paint from Wal-mart and I used the "matte-finish." it was like 4 dollars. (I suggest spray paint- but they didn't have the color I wanted) Anyway- then I took any mats I had- and painted those white. And then I got my pictures done in black and white- and then I arranged it in a cool collage. Lizzie did this first- and then I copied her, and then danielle did it too. Lizzie and Danielle did their pictures in Sepia- and that looks really awesome. ANYWAY- it just looks really nice and clean, it looks like you got a nice set of collage frames from Pottery Barn. If you haven't seen mine- look in my older posts. Anyway- your home is so gorgeous!

Amy: said...

Oh yeah- and on martha stewart she had a great idea for hanging pictures. cut out paper the size of your frames- arrange the papers on your walls how you want them with tape- when you like the arrangment- hang the picture on the paper- and then just pull the paper off- This way- everything is lined up- and you dont' have to pound a million holes in your wall. it might sound tedious- but it's so worth it.