Monday, January 21, 2008

More About Steve

I stole this from a friend and thought it was fun.

Getting to Know My Husband (isn't he a babe?!)

What is his name?
Steven Michael Rogers

How long have you been together? 5 years and 5 months

How long did you date? Dated for 5 months before we got engaged, and were engaged for 4 months...but don't be scared, we were friends for almost a year before that.

Who eats more? We both love to eat, but I probably love to eat more. I have mentioned Steve's will power before when it comes to desserts.

Who said I love you first? I did...guess what Steve said in response? "thank you."

Who is taller? Steve

Who can sing better? Probably me, although Steve can sing, he just doesn't like to.

Who is smarter? Steve for SURE!

Who does the laundry? I do

Who does the dishes? Steve does them most nights after dinner, and I LOVE IT!

Who pays the bills? Steve does, unfortunately, I really don't know a lot about what goes on with the bills.

Who sleeps in the right side? If you are looking at the bed then I sleep on the right side.

Who mows the lawn? What is a lawn? We just have dirt. If we had a lawn I would have to make Steve do it...I'm HORRIBLE with lawn mowers.

Who cooks dinner? I cook, and I'm enjoying it more and more. For the first few years of our marriage, Steve helped a lot with the cooking though.

Who drives? I DRIVE EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is more stubborn? At first it was Steve, but then he rubbed off on now we are both stubborn.

Who kissed who first? Steve kissed me first, but until he dies he will deny this.

Who asked who out first? Steve asked me out first about 8 months before we started dating...but I was silly and didn't really think it was a date. I asked him to a dance at school, and that began our real dating.

Who proposed? Steve proposed in the most awesome way! We had talked about getting married, but he planned everything and it was the best ever!

Who has more friends? Me, I guess, but that's just because girls are better at keeping in touch than boys are.

Who is more sensitive? Steve is...and I really love it.

Who has more siblings? I do...7 brothers and sisters; he has 3 sisters.

Who wears the pants? I don't really know, I've never thought about it. Steve probably thinks he wears the pants.


Steve said...

Emily kissed me first. I will go to the grave saying this because it is true.

Carol and Bruce said...

I loved this post! Steve is a babe, (can a mother in law say that)a wonderful son, husband and father.

Aunt Deitz said...

I believe, I believe. EMILY. Steve you found a keeper. Emily a great woman!

Love you all,

Christi said...

I love Steve's comments! I believe you Emily!

Alifinale said...

I believe Emily too...sorry Steve. I love that he said "thank you" - that is what I said to Brian.

Jon & Michelle said...

Yea, that was fun! You guys are awesome, my family loves you guys lots!

Ilene said...

Em- Dan and I only knew eachother six months from the time we met until the time we got married... isn't that scary?! I mean, I know it was right for us but I don't think I will let my children get married that quickly (because I am sure they will listen to me).

Found out a girl in my ward and her husband were engaged within 10 days of meeting each other. So, obviously I am not very quick by those standards.

Aimee said...

I've known Steve my whole life and I don't think he's ever lied to me. Sorry Em, I'm with Steve on this one!

Aimee said...

Hooray! The Easton slide show is back!

Emily said...

Aimee, we girls have to stick together...COME ON!!

Kricket said...

I love this. I might have to steal it and create a post of my own. Everyone should know how terrific our husbands are right?

Brianne said...

I love this post. I might just have to "borrow" the idea. So fun to remember the early days of your relationship. Thanks for sharing.

Jenni.Jolley said...

I LOVE THIS!! you and steve = the cutest couple everrrrrrrr! seriously! i even remember in High school all my friends being like "dang your sis is pretty and her boy is cute". yep you guys win the award. I love you guys so much!! I sure am thankful that steve kissed you... first! hahahaha jk i don't even know. But i do remember you denying that you liked him FOREVER and i always knew it! ahhhh the magic!

I just love you guys!!!

Megan and Greg said...

How the heck did he propose??? Very fun post! I loved it!

Lindsay said...

It's funny you just posted this cause I was just thinking how I know NOTHING about Steve, i know, sad, now that I'm realizing how long you guys have been together. He sounds like a very kind, very responsible guy. Way to go!

Jenn said...

That is so fun to read. Don't worry, I believe that he kissed you first.

Archambault Family said...

Hey Emily, yeah I added you and sorry I never commented. I am so new at this I wasn't sure which one to write on, so I pick this one!!! I did go on a walk and it felt great. I wish I had a buddy to go with, but with working weekend graves and all my buddies work during the week it is hard to find someone to go with so, I guess it is up to me! I did it though and didn't DIE!

Danielle and Clayton said...

This was funny to read. I can't believe his response when you said I love you! haha. Thank you. hha. I am guessing he said it back sometime after..!:)

Aimeeable said...

Maybe you guys kissed each other mutually for the first time. Marriage is all about comprimises!

Jill said...

Yea! We love Steve around here too. I'm so glad you guys are together and I am so so so glad that you are my family!!!!


It was fun to learn more about Steve. And I just love that picture of him and Easton!