Thursday, July 31, 2008


One of my favorite things about the reunion was seeing all of the kids together. I just LOVE my nieces and nephews and I was so happy for Easton to be able to play with them. They were all so nice to include him and play with him, and he, being one of the youngest, looks up to all the older, cool kids. Here are just a few pictures...I think my sisters and mom got some better ones, but they are being slow to email them to me, so this is all I have!
Justin and Easton helping Grandpa load up the truck.

Our daily baseball game.

It's sad that Easton comes from such a big baseball family and is really having a hard time grasping the whole concept. He got the biggest smile on his face when Nick would help him swing the bat and hit the ball.
Thanks to Andy for bringing his awesome hammock again this year. So comfy. Ben and Bella were so cute with Easton.

Kellen, Bella, Easton

I just love this picture of these kids! As I said before I love all of my nieces and nephews, but this trip I just got a real kick out of the three 4 year old boys. Kellen is super witty, and is always so quick to respond when we try to tease him. He's very smart and says awesome things, like when his parents think he's singing too loud, "that's just how I roll."

Gio is living with my sister right now and he fit right in with the other boys. So cute and friendly, and also does his share of funny things. He woke up scared in the middle of the night because he couldn't get his head out of his sleeping bag. Turns out he had turned himself around and his head was where his feet were supposed to be. It would be scary.

And Joseph, who gives such good, big hugs. He also makes me laugh with the things he says. Like, while I was taking him to the bathroom: "I want to show you the silly potty in the men's bathroom." And, since he's just learning to read, he reads everything in sight. "Grandma, is that your Coleman two-burner propane stove?" Our traditional stop at Rice Hill on the way home. Umpqua Ice cream...the best!


Lizzy said...

I can just imagine how much Easton loved getting so much help and attention for all the older kids. I'm dying over the things those boys were saying. I have a four year old niece and she seriously makes me laugh every single day. I swear that age just says the funniest things.

Christi said...

That picture of him holding the baseball bat is awesome!!! I am so jealous of Rice Hill!!!!!

Alifinale said...

Cousins are the best. The best is when the older cousins take over and entertain your kid all day. So fun for E and the baseball picture is my favorite. So cute!

Ilene said...

Rice Hill ice cream shop, or as we call it the Nazi Ice Cream shop.

Don't ask for water or you will be shot.

Looks so nice and green!

Kara said...

Easton looks so happy playing baseball and getting lots of love from his cousins! I love how Nathan is enjoying his cousins too! They are so good to him and it does help to have someone else around to entertain him. You should teach Easton to say "That's just how I roll"!

Jenni said...

that was a gooood one! i love those kids SO MUCH! and i totally agree- watching the 4 year olds was the best. I could just watch them and listen to them talk all day hahaha, they're hilarious!!! GET LOW AND GO- FIRE DANGER haha!! i love it! and I love that easton is big enough to totally play with them now, it's so cute- and they all adore him!!!!

Lani said...

I LOVE reading your blogs! You are so cute and take such awesome pics. I feel like I there with you and your terrific fam. I miss them almost as much as I miss you, Easton and Steve! Love you Lani

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

Cute kids! E's lucky to have been able to spend a week with them! And Joseph reading about the "two-burner" propane stove....too funny! Smart kid!

Jill said...

I love this tribute to the cousins! The Jolley family is getting so big and I'm so glad I got to go and experience the beauty that is Horseshoe Bend! Let's do it again next year!

Carol and Bruce said...

Thank goodness for pictures!! I keep feeling like it was a dream. Such great fun, thanks for being there, I know it wasn't easy traveling with a 2 year old.

Bringhursts said...

I'm glad you guys had so much fun but we seriously missed you! Welcome back.

Mary said...

That's just how I roll?

Coleman two-burner propane stove?

Girl you have me in stiches.

And that sweet Easton. Does that kid ever not smile?