Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Total Ramblings

We'll start with the weather...that's what people usually talk about when there's nothing to say. It has been gorgeous here this week in Las Vegas. 70s, sunny, slight breeze (although today was a little gusty, and tomorrow is supposed to be windy). Perfect park weather, and that's what we did yesterday. Easton never really does great at the park, but yesterday he did and it was a great day for me.

This past weekend our friends were kind enough to share their condo here in town with us. We watched their kid one night, and they watched ours the other night. I had fun both nights! Our boys play so well together and he keeps Easton entertained for me. When it was our turn, we lounged around all afternoon, took naps (well, Steve napped, I watched a movie). Then we had a yummy dinner here and then hit the strip for a little while. We wandered around the Miracle Mile Shops and ventured into the Baby Gap. We thought (okay I thought) it would be fun to pick something out for our upcoming baby girl...and I have been told that shopping would get me more excited. We just couldn't find anything we loved...too expensive, too cutesie...we left empty handed. It was fun to get out just the 2 of us and not wake up to a needy kid. Thanks Mathews!

We are currently house hunting. We are getting kicked out of our house. Not really sure when, we keep hearing different dates...could be tomorrow, could be 2 months from now. It sure does make life exciting, the thought of becoming homeless.

All I want to eat is crap. Sugar is the main thing. I just have to have something sweet during the day or I go crazy. Sometimes I just eat frosting if there's nothing else in the house. Pathetic I know. Even these looked tempting to me last night:I have a bag sitting in my cupboard that I nearly ripped open, even though I don't really like them. But I had to remind myself that I'm saving them to send in Jenni's birthday package. Surprise! I need to increase my exercise intensity if I'm going to continue eating like this.

Easton gets bigger and bigger every day. He is talking up a storm and sometimes says the sweetest things. I'm pretty sure he loves Steve more, but that's okay I guess. He is obsessed with trains, and is always talking about grandpa's trains. I'm excited to go to Oregon in April so my dad can take him to the train yard.

I have a lot to say regarding tv...but that is being saved for another post.

My friend just got her business going...she has some cute baby stuff up. Check it out here, or there's a link on the right side of my blog. Leave a comment and you could win her give-a-way!

I think that about covers it. Happy March! I hate everyone who lives in a place where there are daffodils...my favorite flower that is nowhere to be found in las vegas.


Lizzy said...

Love the ramblings. I'm so, so jealous of your night away from the boy. I want that after a day of no naps.

Sugar is good. I have to have some everyday when I'm not pregnant. I have to have pounds of it when I am.

Good luck house hunting! Post pics when you get something. I love seeing other people's houses.

Brenley said...

I LOVE mini eggs. I just ate a whole bag in one day last week. And since then I have to totally avoid the candy isles at the store. Anyway, Bryce just told me that he has a conference there in May I think, and he said that I could come with him. His conference is only a few days but maybe I will talk him into staying a little longer. I would love to hang with you, or for you to show us around.

Carol and Bruce said...

You are hilarious! Good thing I know you really well. I'm scared to buy anything for baby girl now because I know how picky you guys are and I want to buy pink, purple, ruffles, etc!!

I really hope you get the house you want.

Alifinale said...

Your ramblings are awesome and totally random. Glad you guys had fun on your night away. Sad you didn't find a cute outfit for the little. I eat more crap than you do and I don't have a baby bump to hide it. Let's go walking again.

Emily said...

Yay Brenley!!! That would be so fun!

Kara said...

I agree with your Mom- I am afraid to buy you any girly clothes too cause I'm just not sure I know you well enough! I'm not super girly either, but I guess I'm just waiting to find the perfect outfit for your adorable little girl!
You better not show me where you're hiding your Mini eggs, cause I will hunt them down and eat the whole bag! My ginormous bag is half gone already!!
Thanks again for switching kids with us last weekend- it was so fun and so nice knowing that Nathan was so well taken-care of. He LOVES you guys and didn't miss us one bit! And Easton is our FAVORITE- he was an angel!

Teresa, mom, Deitz, Aunt Dee Dee said...

Fun ramblings! Can you get your sister in law to do some ramblings? Aimee, I mean you!

Have to love the 70 degree weather. Sounds like life is happening in your life. Good luck on the house hunting and buying. Hope you find just what you want.

Melanie said...

Uh-Oh! I already bought some really Cutsie things! She is going to have to wear them. There was probably too much pressure on you to pick something perfect out. Well, I had fun shopping. I totally love those mini eggs, and cannot have them in the house.

Brenley said...

hey Em, Bryce told me today that his conference is actually in July. I am not sure why I thought May. But anyway I hope I still get to come!

Ilene said...

I think all cute girl clothes disappeared when I had a baby girl. Seriously, I have a hard time finding things I love. Well, maybe it is now because I am looking at price tags rather than just longingly gazing from the boys' side of the store.

Things must be bad if you were wanting chocolate.

Good luck with the house hunt!

Jill said...

Yummmm. Cadbury mini eggs. Go crazy on the sugar, I say.

I cannot wait to see your new house. Good luck.

Megan and Greg said...

I think kids just like the dad's more 'cause they're not around as much. That's my theory anyway. Tanner always says the same thing about Shad. That he loves Lizzie, but really, REALLY, REALLY loves Shad. Pretty funny. SOunds like you're doing well. Sweet set up with the babysitting. That's what I wanna do when we have kids. But an over nighter- never thought of that one. Even better! Who cares about eating crap. You didn't have trouble getting back to your skinny self after Easton. I eat crap all the time. It's just the way life goes. Love you! Good luck with the house hunting.

Meg said...

You hate me due to daffodils. Wow. I thought our friendship ran deeper than that. LOL.

So I was happy Megan Corkrey made it through on AI. Yay. And what was up with LOST this week. Wacko stuff going on!


Let me just say this first: Please stop eating plain frosting. That's just gross. But go ahead with the cadbury eggs and just buy Jenni another bag. Of course, those happen to be my favorite. :)

What else?? I envy your nice weather right now, though I'm happy to have the rain if I can live amongst the daffodils and tulips in a little while... 2 of my all-time favorite flowers!

I'm bummed you didn't find anything you liked at Baby Gap. It's spring-time, though, so you know there's got to be cute girl clothes at every other store! I forget... have you thought of any names yet?

Lani said...

Adorable pic of the boys in the tub! They look like they are having a blast. I can just imagine Easton giggle!

People are commenting about Cadbury mini eggs ... I was confused so I went back and didn't read anything about the most delicious Easter Candy in the whole world ;) ... so I concluded they must have been in the picture that wouldn't load on my page.

I can't wait to see your new house! Buying your first house is always a milestone in your life and you will always remember it.

PS Send some of that 70 degree weather up to Idaho ... it snowed today for about an hour.

Ben & Diane said...

Hey, eat what you want when you're pregnant. It's the only time it will be guilt free. Are you guys looking to buy or rent? Buy, I'm assuming but if not, my brother and his wife are looking to rent out their house. They are moving to a house that her parents bought as an investment place. Let me know if you want details.