Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How I Made It Through Law School

I get asked a lot if law school was hard. Of course it's hard, it's LAW SCHOOL. And then I have to remind myself that I didn't actually go to law school; just watched while my husband did. But even that was hard. After I would get home from work in the evenings, I would want him to pay attention to me, and he wanted to pay attention to his big, boring books, or leave me alone altogether to go to that big important school of his to study. It got a little lonely sometimes.
That's where these girls come in!!(not pictured but totally missed: Destiny, Mary, Aimee, Ilene, Terri...and all other
Oregon girls who couldn't make it

I was even back in Eugene, my home town, with my family just minutes away. I had it easier than a lot of these girls did. But still, having so many people in the exact same situation as me, made those 3 long, hard, stressful (much more so for Steve than me) years a lot easier. Sometimes I wonder if we would still be such good friends had I met any of these girls under different circumstances...but I'm glad I'll never have to know that because I just love them all so much!

We all had such a good time eating, shopping, chatting, and singing our guts out with American Idol. Thanks for bringing that Tara! As you can
see, we got pretty into it. I have the most fabulous video of Liz doing a
mean Celine Dion.
A big thanks to my cousin for setting up the condo for us. It was perfect and we loved it! I think we all had fun but were ready to get back to our families. I for one was sorely missed. I got a very enthusiastic, "MOMMY" complete with big smile and hug...but within 2 hours of being home I was being told to GO AWAY! Ahhh it's good to be back.

I'm so glad law school is over. That was tough. Now we just get to have fun getaways like this. Our husbands are probably the ones who actually deserve it, but their jobs are much too serious for that.


Lizzy said...

Seriously, if you ever show anyone that video of me doing Celine Dion, I will die. And so will you!

I love the Oregon girls! We really need to do this again soon. In Nephi next time. Or somewhere near an airport.

Chad and Jessica said...

I've always thought wives with husbands in intense, LONG schooling were amazing. It would be so hard. Chad didn't have as nearly as much school, and it was still tough.

Hurrah for being DONE!!! I'm glad you had some fabulous gals to make it a little smoother. : )

Oh by the way, I loved your comment about trading babies....lol. hilarious.

Ilene said...

You girls had too much fun. Actually, it was probably a good thing I wasn't there. Me and Karaoke is just bad, bad news.

Next time a GG marathon and I will be there.

Kara said...

I'm glad you had a good time. I'm a little jealous that I don't fit in your little group of law wives- but oh well! I probably wouldn't have made it through three more years of school with my husband. I only had to deal with one semester before he was done!

Carol and Bruce said...

That looks so fun! I'm glad you had and still have those girls as friends.

We sure wish you were still in Eugene though, those were the days, for us at least.

Alifinale said...

It is true...I would have never made it through the rain of Law School without you girlies. So fun, I want to go back. This time I promise I won't cry. Ok, I can't promise that.

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

where did you girls go? sounds like a great group of ladies and can you show us a picture of you singing next time?

Emily said...

Brynne, we went to St. George...and the pictures of me singing just were not as good as the other ones. I had to share the best ones!


I'm so jealous that there is such a large group of you law-wives! How awesome to have so many women going through much of the same joys & trials at the same time as you. I bet they are a great support system! I must say, I did thoroughly enjoy my lone opportunity to join your Bunko night while you all were still in Oregon. It is a VERY FUN group!! :)

Brenley said...

Wow, how awesome to have such wonderful friends. I have zero friends that live around me, so I am a little jealous! Although I love getting to occasionally hang out with Brynne. ANyway, glad you had a such a fun little retreat!

Jenni said...

I am so thankful for all of your friends! Seriously, I am thankful for anyone that contribute to your happiness :). And I totally love them all! Any time that I've been able to spend with them has been wonderful. Every time I do, I always hope and pray pray pray that someday I'll have that kind of a support system. Seems like you've always had someone in a similar situation as you, that is such a blessing. I hope I can find some awesome dudettes to do that for me in a zillion years when i get married. Luckly i have plenty of time before I'll likely need to be worrying about that :)



Mary said...

Girls weekends are the BEST! Your hair is looking gorgeous as usual--love the long blonde loose curls. You've definitely got the girl thang down!

Bringhursts said...

SOOOOO jealous. A whole weekend without children sounds too good to be true! I get asked a lot if dental school is hard too. And I complain about the husband being gone all the time blah blah blah. Sometimes I forget he's the one going through it! Looks like you guys had fun.

Jill said...

Ew. Law school. That really is such an accomplishment. Way to get out and celebrate it with your girls. That looks like a blast.