Friday, June 5, 2009

Bad, Good, Baby Shower

* My back kills
* My house is a mess (usually this would bother me, but strangely enough it has been easy to let it keep getting dirtier and dirtier)
* I'm sick of cleaning up poopy underwear
* I'm pretty sure Easton has watched more tv this week than in the rest of his short, little life combined

* I'm pretty much done painting
* I finally started some sewing projects and finished the crib bumper
* While he doesn't get pooping in the toilet, he's great at peeing in it and that makes me happy. Hopefully the former will follow soon
* My friends threw me the nicest baby shower
* Steve's parents are coming TODAY
* Baby is healthy and VERY active...just over 5 weeks left

When I sat down I was in such a bad mood and thought for sure the there would be more negatives than positives.

I don't have any pictures of the negative things because who wants to document poop and a messy house? I just have a few pics from my super fun baby shower. We decorated onesies and ate the yummiest food and I was totally spoiled. It was a blast and it sure gave me a boost in excitement for this baby girl that's coming my way!

Here we are being crafty, and below are the results!

I love my one-of-a-kind onesies and I am so lucky to
have such crafty and talented friends.

The planners and carry-outers and greatest friends a girl could have!

Super cool party people


Teresa, mom, Deitz, Aunt Dee Dee said...

Em, I can't see the cute onesies. Sounds like you might need visitors quick!!!! I'm glad that Lan and Dave are on there way. Can you hear them coming? Have a great time, love you. By the way, you look beautiful all pregnant and such!

Christi said...

I really wanted to see some picture of the poop!!
I am glad Steve's parents are almost there to give you some relief!
I am glad that you had a good time at the shower, but are you wearing a vest, becasue it looks pretty awesome.

Jenn said...

So sad I missed the shower, but you know how predictable my schedule is. I can't wait for your little baby girl. Such cute onsies.

Ilene said...

They eventually get the pooping thing. Just never soon enough. Start washing his backside off in the tub with cold water. Jackson hated that and started pooping. That and lots of wrapped presents from the dollar store motivated him. But you probably have heard this all before.

Thomas will not use the potty. We had him going for a couple of days and he has stopped. I don't know if I have the energy to force the issue yet.

Baby girls are so much fun!! I'm excited for your little one to come.

Kara said...

I'm glad your list of positives is longer than the negatives. Maybe I need to do that too so I can have a better attitude about my life. I'm sorry that the pooping thing is not going so well- I really wish I knew what the answer was, cause you know I'm right behind you on this one.
Thanks for not posting a picture of me crying cause I screwed up your onesie! I really don't like myself in any of those pictures either, so can you please photoshop me out? You need to post some pictures of your painting jobs and show off your loft and Easton's room.

Carol and Bruce said...

Oh, this is getting so exciting! Five weeks is going to fly and those onesies will be so cute on her, I can hardly wait.

Good thing you set down to blog, writing always makes me feel more positive. Just don't let the poopy underware get to you, pretend it doesn't bother you and that it's going to be short lived (easy for me to say).

You do have awesome friends which is such a blessing in this life, I'm grateful for them.

Lucky Dave and Lani, have a fun time.

Lauren said...

Looks like a great shower! Sorry I missed it!

Courtenay Beth said...

what cute friends, and you are easily the cutest pregnant cutie pants I have ever seen! Such great style! I love the decorating onesies idea, LOVE it! I'll have to remember that one! I want to see pictures of your house already!!! Are you sharing baby names yet, or waiting? I remember talking about baby names when we were little, you wanted twin boys and i thought you were crazy, but you wanted to name your kids the days of the week, I love E's I am looking forward to this new little one! 5 weeks!!! Holy cow!

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

What a cool idea! All the onesies turned out so cute and you're lookin' pretty darn cute yourself!

Sorry about the poopy underwear. Cade's only peed in underwear and that's enough to have me put them away for a little while. The pull-ups are working great for him though. good luck!


Oh my gosh, those onesies are adorable!! I love them... so creative! What a fun and clever idea for a baby shower... I'll have to remember that one. :)

PS: Remember Katie Dutton (now Feldman)? She had her baby girl (a surprise) yesterday... Molly Rose.

greg&sarina said...

i LOVE that you wrote super cool party people ... i am sure that you know the reference: "super cool party people bid you a super cool adieu" (that is the ONLY show i indulge in!)
5 weeks - awesome, treasure that baby moving in your tummy - i miss that feeling SOOO much, although Luke is very cuddly outside the womb too, so I am lucky!
take care of yourself!!

Emily said...

Thanks for acknowledging my GG reference Sarina...I just watched that episode the other day so I just had to throw it in there.

East Coast Pratts said...

That is by far the coolest baby shower idea ever! I'm throwing one in July so I know your life is crazy right now but if you get the chance can you email what you guys did And if it makes you feel any better I'm not pregnant and my house is trashed today!!

East Coast Pratts said...

Oh and about the poop thing I think I remember hearing a story somewhere about your Mom telling my Mom how jealous she was because I was potty trained and you weren't so don't be too hard on him, you turned out alright!:)

Dave and Teresa said...

That is so fun! Sorry about the bad stuff though. How did you guys do the onsies? That looks like SO much fun! Seriously, let me know!

Lizzy said...

How fun. The pink pear shirt is my favorite, but they're all so cute! You're looking great too!

Danielle said...

You look SO cute in the pics. Especially the first one in that collage of pics. I LOVE the vest! So hip. Sorry about the poopy underwear. I'm sure he'll get over that hill soon:) (I hope!)

*Stephanie Lance* said...

totally fun! what a cute idea to decorate onsies!!! i've never herad of that but its such a cute idea! awesome!! sorry about all the poop :( no fun! and probably REALLY stinky! that baby is coming so soon! i'm so excited!!!

Ben & Diane said...

Holy cow.....long hair. I love it. You look super good for only 5weeks left. Those have seriously got to be the cutest onsies ever. Good Luck with your last few weeks.

Jessett said...

So cute!!! I should have been there. I miss you ALL so much.

Tara said...

Um, this post did not do much for my self esteem. Who in the hell let me sit next to tiny little Alison? UGH!

You are such a cute pregnant girl and I'm glad you liked the shower. It was a good time! baby girl Rogers is going to be freaking adorable!

Mel said...

Those onesies are SO cute. I am very impressed!!!

I feel ya on the back problems. I am so looking forward to the end of back pain. Tis miserable.

Megan and Greg said...

Em! You're so cute! I'm LOVIN' your hair these days. Holy cow, I never knew onsies could be so CUTE! They're adorable! When I read that everyone made them I felt bad for you that you'd get stuck with uglie hand made clothes. They are AMAZING and look like you bought them at some cute expensive baby store! What a great idea!

Jenni said...

The first thing I want to say is you are SO adorable! Seriously- i cannot get over how beautiful you are and what a cute pregnant lady you are! I brag about you all of the time.

Those onesies are SO cute. Holy cow, you guys are way craftier than me. Mine would have been like stripes of puffy paint lol. Also, I'm so proud of Easty bear and you're so patient cleaning up all that poo. hahahaha!

I can't wait to see pictures of the house!!

love you!

Jill said...

So glad the positives outweighed the negatives!

I'm so glad your awesome friends threw you a baby shower. Those crafty onesies got me all excited about picking out a present for you! That is seriously the cutest idea ever. And I love that it was the baby shower activity!

Sorry about the poopy underwear and the back pain! No fun! But keep up the good work. I can't believe you're down to 5 weeks!

Alifinale said...

It was fun and you deserved to be spoiled! I know those negatives are pretty weighty but you do have lots of positives so good for you for finding them. I can't wait for little R or C to get here!