Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kiddo Update

After we got back from Oregon the kids were a little sick; Carly had her first ear infection, Easton had a cough and I got a cold. So we were stuck inside for over a week and going a little stir crazy. We all got better just in time for this gorgeous day at the park. I wanted to stay there all day...just one of those outings where the kids were being good and the sun was nice. Plus Carly got to swing for the first time. It didn't come as a shock to me that she didn't love it. She didn't cry or anything, but seriously, I'm really learning that this girl is hard to impress. The above picture was the best one I got, and the only one where she really looks excited. The rest look like, "yea this is okay, keep trying mom."
We had a few with the tongue sticking out, and my favorite part of this picture are her little fingers.

More Carly:
* She is 8 months old today. Wasn't she just born yesterday? Time is going by crazy fast with this one.
* Starting to like solid foods a little more. She likes anything orange (squash, sweet potatoes, carrots are the favorite so far) but green stuff is another story. Of course she loves fruit too and she has tried a little yogurt and apple sauce. I don't love baby food.
* Crawling like crazy and starting to pull herself up. Then Easton moves her hands and she falls down. This happens several times a day.
* Sleeps like a champ. We had to move her crib down because she started standing and bouncing. I hate that, it makes me feel like she's not a little baby anymore. :(
* Is an absolute joy to be around and we love her so much. She's the sweetest, cutest thing ever and I'm enjoying every second with her still.
* This kid is growing like crazy!!! I can't keep up with all of his growth spurts, which just really surprises me because he doesn't even eat. He has been getting taller so all of his pants look like capris, and I can't buy more because he'll just grow out of those too fast and it's almost shorts weather so I don't really see the point. Also, all of his pants have holes in the knees. I guess we have reached that age.
* Has a MIND OF HIS OWN and wants to do what he wants to do when he wants to do it. Ugh.
* He is obsessed with being 4. Some of his friends are starting to turn 4 and he wants to really bad too. I keep telling him he's growing too fast and I want him to stay little and he says, "No mom, I just have to grow so I can be 4!"
* He lives off of peanut butter and honey sandwiches, fruit and vegetables.

* He loves to play games, so we're trying to do more of that. His favorites are Go Fish and Pesky Pirates. My mom told me about these cool card holders that make it easier for kids to hold their cards. Easton loves it and pretty soon we might be able to play a real game where I don't know what all of his cards are. Except he still says what he gets whenever he draws..."ooh, I got a shark!" * He is starting to pretend a lot more and it's so cute. His most favorite thing to do is go on pirate adventures. We speak pirate a lot around this house, so if you ever call and I answer with "Ahoy Matey!" you know why. Today he and Steve were on an adventure and it was pretty funny to listen to.

Easton: Ahoy, I see some scurvy pirates over there, they stole our treasure, let's shoot 'em!

Steve: Oh, we don't want to shoot anybody, let's sue 'em!

Easton: What?

Steve then took Easton through the legal process and in the end, they got their treasure back. Justice was served.

The kids are doing good and 80% of the time I completely enjoy them!


Lizzy said...

I love reading these updates! Everything I read, I think, Jake too, or Ben too! It's so fun. I love the picture of Easton laying down playing cards. Way too cute!

Rebecca and Nick said...

So cute!! I love the leggings on chubby baby girls.
Owen loves to play games also, and is also excited for his next birthday so that he can turn 4. They are so similar, I wish you were still in out ward! Where did you get those card holders? We need to get our hands on some of those.

Danielle said...

Okay- that is HILARIOUS that Steve said, "Let's sue em!" ahhaa. Funny stuff. I love hearing stories about kids. I love pictures and everything- but the stories are always so funny. Carly sounds just wonderful, and as frustrating as it probably kinda cracks me up that Easton pulls her arm out from under her! Your house looked so cute and pretty in the picture of you and Easton playing cards! I like the colors. Anyway- good post- cute kids. Love hearing about them.

Kara said...

I love the picture of Carly's toes curled on the swing! Glad you all are feeling better and I want to know about the card holders too. And this Pirate game- Nathan would love that too!

Alifinale said...

I love those 2. I am laughing so hard at the pirate conversation. Hilarious. I hope you answer the phone ahoy matey real soon.

Christi said...

I seriously can't believe that Carly is already 8 months old. I love that little girl, even if you have to work for the smile!
Easton is an awesome pirate!!!! Love the trampoline picture.

The Boman Family said...

That pirate adventure? Hilarious! So cute! Your kids are darling! They have such a great mommy! :o) I always look forward to your posts. And I can't believe Carly is 8 months old either! I seems like I was just reading about her birth on your blog! Crazy!

Teresa, mom, Deitz, Aunt Dee Dee said...

Oh Em, I just love your kiddos. They are just so cute. I can't believe that they are getting so big, growing older really stinks!

Love ya all


Ha ha! Love the pirate adventure between Steve and Easton! "Let's sue 'em!" spoken like a true lawyer. :) Maybe Steve wants to help us get our rent deposit back... And Easton is already wanting to turn 4?! Isn't he, like, barely 3?? Why do they have to grow up so fast??
Great update!

Ben & Diane said...

What is it with boys and pirates at that age? Dallin loves pirates too. He plays with all his pirate stuff everyday. I love all the pics and LOL when you made the post about Easton calling out what card he picks up. Such a kid thing to do and I love it!

*Stephanie Lance* said...

CUTE!!! I Love these kinds of Posts!!! THose kids are just too darn cute!! Everytime i see a picture of Carly, i just want to pick her up and kiss her little chubby cheeks off!! Seriously!! So tempting!!


that was really cute- I love the easton update- love hte card pics- and the "I got a shark!" those card holders are cool, can you get them anywhere?

Brianne said...

Sounds great! time does little one is 7 months, crazy! they were just born.
And I feel your pain with the holes in the knees of Easton's pants...dreadful. But at least you know he's having fun and playing hard. ;)

Jenni said...

Thank you SO much for all of the pictures. Just when I needed a little dose of my babies :). I really feel that Carly is growing too fast and I need to see her ASAP. And I want to play games with Easton. I love the picture of him holding the cards! And he has excellent posture... props, sis!

Anyway, I love it all, especially steve teaching easton about the legal system hahaha!

You're such a great mom. I don't know if I'll ever have what it takes to keep up with 2 babies. you go, girl!

Megan and Greg said...

Oh my gosh I just loved this post. So cute. I love all of Carly's little leggings! I can't believe she is so old! To me she WAS just born! I guess not!

Carol and Bruce said...

Oh, my babies! Keep them from growing up please!!! They are so adorable and I love them so much. Such fun stories, I always laugh and cry when I read them.

See you next week!

Tara said...

I love that you put 80% of the time you are really enjoying them. You are freakin hilarious! gotta love that honesty!

I am laughing over the pirate thing too. That is so cute. And hilarious that Steve says "Let's sue em!". classic!

Paul & Ashley Justensen Family said...

You're kids are so cute! I love the kid update. It is fun to see them grow, but sad at the same time.

Bringhursts said...

Your little kiddies are getting too cute. I can totally relate on everything with Easton; especially with the clothes. Serious, can those pants already be capris? And how do all the ones that are actually long enough have holes in the knees?

Jill said...

That is some good stuff!

Love those little feet sticking out of the swing!

Love the picture of Easton with his cards.

I wish I could get my boys to eat half the amount of fruits and veggies that Easton does. That's what's making him grow!

Way to sue those pirates, boys!

80% sounds about right to me too.

Mary said...

I love Easton's pose on the trampoline--and is C seriously crawling that much already? She has so much personality!

Lara said...

Can you say de ja Steve. That last pic of E looks just like Steven when we were little.
The kids are counting the weeks until we breeze through Vegas!!!
Lot of Love!!!

Matt and Shannon said...

You get so many comments, seriously, you are the most popular blogger I know :) But I will still leave my little comment - I can't believe Easton is turning 4, because that means Claire will be turning 3!! Hope we can play pirates with Easton soon - maybe this week!

Megan and Greg said...

Yo Em, you gotta check my blog. Greg and I are buying a house and I posted my little belly. Love ya!

Clarke Family said...

Emily, Your kiddos are addorable and you look beautiful as always! I am glad I finally found your blog. How are you doing? I luv all your pics. Can't wait to follow your family along their exciting journey! I am terrible at blogging, but maybe I will start up again here soon?!?