Thursday, September 23, 2010

Party 4 Year Old Style

I didn't get too many pictures of the party because I only had my tiny memory card in my camera, so after 5 pics that was about it, and , oh yea...4 year olds are CRAZY!!! We had a fun time with all of Easton's cute friends at the park for his dinosaur party. He was definitely spoiled!!Easton is really into story telling (as in, making other people tell him stories). Just ask either grandma. But recently he has started doing the telling, and it's sooooo funny to hear what he comes up with. Here he is telling a few of his party friends a story, most likely about dinosaurs and volcanoes. Have you ever tried getting 15 kids to sit back and just watch someone open presents? I'm not sure it's possible. All the kids helped, and I think E was a little overwhelmed, and I tried to keep track of who gave us what, and tried to give each present the appropriate amount of attention, but it was kinda tricky. Everyone was just so into it and it was super cute. He got lots of dinosaurs, games, trains...all the stuff he loves.

Easton doesn't like cake (shocker), so we went with dinosaur cupcakes that I thought for sure he'd eat (he didn't), which were completely melted by the time we got to them.

Emery, Reagan, Isa, Nathan, Alice, Owen, Nash, Drew
That's Tara in the back...she's probably thinking, "When is this going to be's hot."
Carly: do you think she might drop that into my mouth?
I love the looks of anticipation in this picture.
Carly: I really want that.

YAY!!! These kids were the cutest (I'm loving the enthusiasm, Alice), we had the best time. I'm so grateful for all of our awesome friends here. Thanks again to everyone who came!
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Kara said...

I love your pictures from the party and you're right, it was so fun. 4-year olds just have so much energy and such creative imaginations- I love listening to their stories too! I love your little commentary on each picture and the anticipation on their faces too. Too bad Easton doesn't like cake- whose kid is he anyway?

Carol and Bruce said...

Those pictures are so cute and it looks like a way fun party. Yes, would someone please give Carly a cup cake! At least she has the Jolley sugar loving genes. The cup cakes in both photos are adorable by the way, I wish I had an excuse to make some.

I can't believe he is four! I love 4 year olds so much, they want to learn and to please and are just full of cuteness.

Aimee said...

So cute. Who knew 4 year olds has so many friends!? He's got more than me, that's for sure.

P.S. You've been reading A Thousand Splendid Suns, for what, a year and a half now? Is it really that hard to get through?

Jenni said...

So much to say... I feel like you're going to think I'm full of crap if I keep repeating myself, but the truth is, everytime I say this- I mean it... I LOVE YOUR CHILDREN! They are so adorable. carly in those pictures is just too cute. And Easton with all of his friends! MELT MY HEART! That little crew is getting way too big em!

And is that Alice clapping her hands???? She is big! And adorable!

Sounds like you put on quite the bash and I'm sure they all had tons of fun. Sad I missed it.

Megan and Greg said...

15 kids? Are you insane? I hope I never have the courage to invite that many kids to my future parties. I love that it was dinosaur themed. I miss you.

Emily said...

Oh Megs, there were 8 kids invited, but all those kids have siblings...that's why there were so many! It was crazy!!!!

Alifinale said...

It was so fun! I love birthday parties and the kids were a crack up. They are all such cute friends. I love it.

Tara said...

Wrong! I was thinking "how cute is Emily to cut the sandwiches into dinosaur shapes and put little dinosaur figurines on each cupcake and hand out a dinosaur coloring book at the end... and yes, it's a little hot". Seriously it was a great little party! He is so cute. Can't believe he is 4!

Rebecca and Nick said...

That was a fun party! Owen loved it. Now he is asking when he can go play at Easton's house. He keeps telling me that he's never been there. Funny boy. I do love 4 year olds, they are cute and funny! Thanks for inviting us to the party!

Jill said...

The smart thing you did was take the party to the park. Even if it was hot. Then you don't have to stress about decorations and cupcakes on your rugs and clean up is sooo much easier!

I want to hear some Easton stories! You'll have to get one on video!

Lani said...

I LOVE the birthday party! Oh the memories of the days when we had parties with hundreds of little ones running around being crazy!

The pics are so cute! I love Carly's craning neck trying to see. And I can just hear Easton's story! Maybe he's a budding author trying out his material for his audience!

The friends' face are the best! I love it when friends are excited for each other!

Happy 4th B-day Easton! Wish I couldhave been there! Love Idaho Gramma!

Danielle said...

What a good mom you are. Looks like so much fun! I love 4 year olds telling stories. I teach 4 year olds in church, and they are FULL of stories- and they are all crazy. Reality mixed with imagination. And they always act like it really happened.

Bringhursts said...

When I see all these kids together that I know, I get kind of sad that our boys don't get to play with them! Oh well, Happy Birthday, Easton!