Saturday, November 13, 2010

Buzz Lightyear Mom

We tried gymnastics: E lasted 2 days and the next 2 he cried during the whole class, so then we just quit going.

We tried swimming lessons: Cried through the whole first lesson and wouldn't get into the water at all the whole week. At least they were free.

So with that record we decided to sit this soccer season out. I know, we're basically committing soccer mom suicide. I hope I'm still allowed at play group. But, some of his friends were playing, so we went to check it out.

He had fun watching Nathan do the drills and kick the ball around. Easton even got to kick the ball a little bit. But the majority of the time he was just wandering around shooting people with his laser.

I know half of the reason people put kids into soccer when they are so young is just for the entertainment of watching the funny things they do on the field. And I have to admit, it was pretty dang cute, and Easton had fun cheering on his buddy Nathan. Check out his mad skills:
So this season I'm a buzz lightyear mom; maybe next year we'll try something else.
Seriously though, he does a mean laser. If I'm ever trying to get him in trouble he gets me with his laser and I just laugh and forget what he did. And Carly has mastered it too.


Jenn said...

Ethan was very similar to Easton. It was so frustrating sometimes, but when I finally got off his back about trying new things and let him do his "ethan things" we both were much happier, and in the end that is what it is really about. Miss you guys. Enjoy a few nice sunny days for me while I'm freezing the next couple months :)

Christi said...

I love that he lasered everyone! I love that boy.

Courtenay Beth said... lightyear funny! John and I have talked about extra curricular activities with our kids...neither of us are very athletic...but I gotta say, watching little kids run around a field all after the same ball might be just tempting enough to enroll everett into soccer. cute.

Also, he looks so cute in the stripey jammies you gave him, and when he wears them I can hear him saying "Thanks auntie Emil, I love them, they make my bum look so cute"

Rebecca and Nick said...

Nice! You make a great Buzz Lightyear mom. Love it.


Oh, so we're not the only ones?!?! My very FIRST week as a full-time, at-home mom I had Ethan all signed up for swim lessons. He cried the whole time, wouldn't get in and I had to get a refund. I seriously thought it was just my kid!

Jenni said...

ahhhhahahahaha! your title is too good. Its tough being a Buzz Lightyear Mom. All kids of Lingo you have to learn and stuff. Those pictures of him and his lasor are TOO funny! hahahaha!

I LOVE that kid and can't wait to be there next weeeeeeeeee!!!

Lani said...

I love that he hits you with his lazer when he is in trouble!!! LOL

By the way are you watching a game in Alaska or Las Vegas??? What's with the coat, hat, gloves and it looks like that little kid has on snow-shorts! Is it really that cold???

Alifinale said...

I freaking love that kid. Hilarious. And I love that you took pictures of him shooting people with his lazer. Good stuff.

You are the best Buzz Lightyear Mom I know.

Kara said...

I love it! And I'm sure no one is going to kick you out of play group! Thanks so much for coming to Nathan's game! I hope Easton will maybe try it next year with Nathan. Then they can both shoot people with their lasers and we can sit on the sidelines and laugh about it together. Nathan's not exactly going pro after one season.

Matt and Shannon said...

Start up a Buzz Club :) I agree with the other comments - I am learning that sometimes kids just want to do their own thing for awhile. You still have t-ball to try : )

Tara said...

Emily you are freaking hilarious! I love the buzz lightyear mom thing! I want to get lasered by E. That sounds awesome! ha ha

Brenley said...

I love this post! I love your perspective on it and that you call yourself the buzz lightyear mom. I love you!

Carol and Bruce said...

Don't worry the competition will start soon enough. Let him be Buzz as long as he wants and be glad you aren't running to games yet. He's so adorable!