Sunday, December 19, 2010


We are counting down the days! This Christmas season has been by far the most fun. I will say this though; I am busier than I have ever been in my life. There is so much to do, see, wrap, buy, bake, celebrate, etc...I have been having a hard time keeping up. Here is a look into the fun things we have been doing while I let my house get dirty and dusty, and laundry pile up sky high.This is just to show you how I have been slacking. I about died laughing when I saw this. Apparently every towel in the house was dirty, because this is a hand towel that Steve used after his shower. We have been too busy playing to clean!

Cactus Gardens with the Mathews. I love this tradition.

Santa train with all of our buddies! I'm sad I didn't get a good group picture with everyone, but there were a lot of us. I could barely get Easton out of his seat (with Nathan's family) to come take this picture with us.

Santa was on the train and Carly gave his beard a good slap. She wasn't having any of that guy.

Dancing around the Christmas tree.

And then taking a break to suck thumb and play with our bellybutton...her favorite activity. She is obsessed with belly buttons and if you come to our house there's a good chance you'll be asked to lift up your shirt and show yours off.
Bellagio Conservatory.

Movie night in a fort with The Grinch.

With a week left until Christmas there's still plenty more fun to be had. And I forgot to mention, we're still doing lots more of this too. Easton loves to look at those trains at Bass Pro. This week we get to have my brother and his family in town and I cannot even WAIT!!!
Happy Adventing, and since I probably won't make it back on here until after Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


Jenni said...

here we go... I have so much to say.

First, do you have ANY idea how happy it makes me to see carly sucking her thumb and playing with her button?!?! THAT MEANS SHE IS TRULY MY SOUL SISTER!!!!! I play with my button TO THIS DAY! That's how I fall asleep, and it's comforting. NO JOKE. I have never heard of anyone else doing that, so I know that we have a VERY special connection. And I am completely in love with her headband. I just love her.

Those pictures are all so cute! I love all the Christmas partying and I'm with ya, this year has been a fun one! I wish we could have gone to the cactus gardens with you again this year. And what the heck with all the sun??? it's freezing here. LUCKY!

I love your tree. I LOVE your fort. and I love that carly slapped santa hahaha!!

Love it all and I will miss you TERRRRRRRRRRRRRRIBLY on Christmas.

Love you!

Jenni said...

OH and the towel picture. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Steve is so awesome to be resourceful while your so busy. I love that!

Kara said...

I love that you took a picture of the hand towel! You have been just as busy as me- I'm so ready for it to slow down so I can relax a little. Maybe when I get to CO I'll be able to relax. Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow- it's been to long.

Christi said...

I am dying at the hand towel, only b/c that has happened 1 too many times to Nick :)
I love Carly even though she asks to look at my belly button.

Carol and Bruce said...

Oh my such a cute post, where to begin. We love all the pictures and Dad especially loves the fort. Those were all over our house on sunday back in your day. And Carly playing with her belly button, that is just amazing, like Jenni, I've never heard of any one else doing that. They are just adorable, I bet Easton is really having fun with Christmas this year. I love 4 year olds so much.

That is a mighty tiny towel for Steve to be using, what a good sport for not complaining!

I hope this next week is just as fun and it will be with Marc and Connie coming to visit. Have fun and Merry Christmas!

Jill said...

I'm comforted to know that it's not just my house that is messy. I think every year from now on will be the busiest Christmas ever. Looks like fun Christmas partying! Keep it up. And thanks for sharing!


HAHAHAHAH- OK I just read jenni's comment- When I saw that picture I saw Jenni- sucking her thumb and playing with her belly button- too funny. They really are soul sisters, so funny. And I love her headband in that pic! SO CUTE! I'm so glad you guys have been having so much fun. The towel- I have done that so many times! You are so pretty in all your pics- you are so gorgeous.

Lindsay said...

Adorable. I don't know what else to say. :) That just seems to cover it all.

Danielle said...

PAHAHHA- okay...Carly sucking her thumb and playing with her belly button? Helloooo mini Jenni! So silly. and Cute. Looks like so much fun all your activities! And the towel pic cracked me up!

Alifinale said...

Carly slapping at Santa's beard may have been my favorite part of the whole Santa train experience. She is so cute. I also love the belly button obsession.

Sorry for Steve that you have been so busy but yay for you! It is way better to have fun than have a clean house.

Emily B said...

I'm jealous! Santa was not on our train ride for some reason! I'm glad you guys at least got to see him. I love all of these Christmas activities! I need to get my kids out of the house more!

Mary said...

That towel pictures rocks! Come to think of it, that's all I had to use when I got out of the shower today too.

That Carly is so stinkin cute. I love her belly/thumb sucking ritual. It feels very zen.

Merry Christmas Rogers!