Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Girl's Weekend

Right before Thanksgiving, and before the busy holiday season got started, I escaped to St. George for a girls weekend with as many Oregon Law wives as we could get. Sure, 5 of us that went live in Vegas, but a getaway is a getaway am I right? We had a blast and I could write all day about how much I love these girls, but I won't. Just know that they are the best.

* Seeing Chels (and her adorable new baby) and Liz who live too far away in Utah.
* Pedicures! So nice to have pretty toes, just in time for them to be covered up because it's basically Antarctica IN MY LIVING ROOM.
* Talking, talking and more talking
* Shopping sans kids is a whole different experience.
* Ultrasounds! Not for me silly.
*Pigging out like crazy.
I love the looks on their faces. So giddy with excitement. My cousin Andrea hooked us up with her condo because she's so nice, and she just happens to take pictures of babies in tummies for a living!!! So, even though it was her day off she was nice enough to let us come in and take a look. Katie (right) is having a boy(which she already knew)!! And Alison is having a - I can't tell you because I'm pretty sure she hasn't announced it to the world yet. It was very fun to see those tiny babies, and the differences in sizes; Katie is due in February and Alison in May. Thanks again for everything Andrea, too fun!

Steve was super husband while I was gone and took great care of the kids. Carly even started vomiting while I was gone, but it's okay because Steve handles throw up way better than I do. I got home in time to deal with the diarrhea that came after the vomiting.


Alifinale said...

It was so much fun! Thanks for not announcing for me, I'll get around to it eventually. Let's go back now.

Jenni said...

I LOVE the ultra sound picture... Katie looks like she is so relaxed and on a ride or something hahahaha!

That looks like so much fun and I think it's time that I start a tradition like this because it makes me jealous!

Chrissy said...

If you ever need a place to get away in South Jordan- you know my number! I can't promise any ultrasounds, but I could give you an IV if you wanted.

Carol and Bruce said...

That just sounds so fun and I'm glad you girls do that, it's good to get away with friends now and again. Good for Steve for being super dad, he is so great! I remember always being more appreciated when I got home after leaving Dad with the kids.

Love the foot photo and I think I recognize yours, red right? I love pedicures and think I should go get one real soon. Glad you got to hook up with Andrea and how sweet of her to do the ultra sounds.
Love you!

The Webb Family said...

Your and your friends totally rock and are welcome back up here any time!! Jenni just needs to come down and get out of all that yucky snow for a visit too! Thanks for inviting me to dinner, it was great to have some girl time and laugh my head off!!