Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I'm THANKFUL for a sister who lives close enough so that she can come see me. Jenni and Michael had to face 2 blizzards to spend Thanksgiving with us (one on the way here and one on the way back), but they made it and I was so happy. Easton just LOVES Jenni and Michael because they play with him nonstop and I don't. This trip Carly warmed up to Mikey and snuggled him quite a bit too. I didn't take ANY pictures of our dinner or at all the whole day. I suck. Christi made an awesome dinner and we had a fun time at their house with their new trampoline. I wish I had a picture of Easton's plate. I forgot last year too, but it consisted of a roll, a couple of cucumbers and some olives.
Christi let us make 2 things to contribute to dinner, so here they are making a pumpkin roll (which Jenni left in my fridge and I finished the entire thing by myself).

Jenni and I braved black friday and were at Target before they opened. It was FREEZING outside, but we got what we needed and shopped for 7 hours. Craziness.
This was the highlight of the week for me. HARRY POTTER. I loved it and didn't want it to end. I want to go again. Unfortunately, after the movie, Michael came down with the flu and was sick the rest of the weekend, and then Jenni got it and was sick too. I felt so bad for them and wish I had a picture of them laying on the couch being sick. Sorry you guys felt so crappy, and sorry you got stuck in Cedar on the way back, but THANKS A TON for coming to see us, we loved having you so much!!!

E and I talked about things we were thankful for all month long, so here are a few:
his house, Mom, Dad, Carly, Buzz Lightyear, Sunshine, his toys, church. I wish I could remember all of them. He's a good kid and I sure am thankful for him and the rest of my family.

A major bonus to my thanksgiving weekend was having my old roommate stop through on her way back to CA. I haven't seen Afton since before Steve and I were married. When we were in college we didn't have cell phones, texting or facebook (I know, I'm so old), so my roommates and I really didn't keep in touch very well and I'm always telling Jenni how jealous I am that she gets to see her roommates every week! My roommates meant a lot to me and I think about them all the time, so I was ECSTATIC that Afton stopped by.

Here we are with all our kids! Not pictured are the one in her tummy and the one in my mind. It's just crazy to think that the last time I saw her Steve and I had just started dating and she hadn't even met her husband yet, and now we each have 2 kids. Unreal. I just love this girl so much, she was a great roommate and great friend. I still haven't met anyone who is as great a listener as Afton was...she was sincere, caring, and always listened to anything we wanted to talk about, no matter what it was, how late it was, who it was about...she just listened. I loved that about her. Plus she is beautiful, fun, outgoing, happy, positive, spiritual and AWESOME. Thanks for coming Afton, it really really was so fun to see you and meet your family!


Aimee said...

I'm thankful for the Vegas Rogers and I can't wait to see you all in 26ish days!!!

Kara said...

You so cannot say crap to me- you have a cousin, sister, family, in-laws, friends and old roommates coming through town way more than I do! Some of mine come and they don't even call me!
I can so relate to Easton's plate on Thanksgiving. I think Nathan ate a roll for every meal for an entire weekend. His plate had a roll, carrots, pickles and olives! So healthy, but who cares- I ate enough for both of my kids!

Alifinale said...

I didn't take one picture on Thanksgiving either. Don't beat yourself up too bad. Glad you had a fun day and while I feel bad that Jenny and Michael got sick, glad your whole family didn't get sick too.

Jenni said...

That was SUCH a fun weekend! Thank you so much for having us and for letting us sickify your house and for all the fun. I love every time we get to go see you guys! That is the 1 perk of Utah, I'm totally within reach of you guys!

I LOVE that pic of you and Afton!!! How fun to get to catch up!

love you!

Christi said...

I am so glad that we get to have Thanksgiving together! It's become a great a tradition with the shopping too:)
So sad that they got sick though!

Jill said...

Yay! Happy Thanksgiving! Glad you had the Woodmansees. Looks like a good time. Justin had the same thing for Thanksgiving dinner too.

Taking no pictures means you had a really good time, I think.

Afton looks so great and you two look just the same! I think you do a great job of keeping up with your roomies.

Carol and Bruce said...

Some how I missed this post. I love that you saw Afton, it made me cry. You do both look the same, gorgeous.

Sounds like Thanksgiving was wonderful minus the sickness. So glad you could be with Jenni.