Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Very Best Stuff

Easton is 5!! Can't even believe it. I was so excited for what was going to be a super fun weekend; my mom was going to be in town and E was having a little party. Fun times. And then I woke up that Friday morning with the flu. It was still a great weekend, I was just kind of lazy and boring. I haven't been that sick in a long time and I really couldn't move too much. So it was actually kind of perfect that my mom was there, even though I'm sure her weekend plans weren't taking care of me and throwing a birthday party for crazy 5 year olds...she saved the day for sure!

Anyway, the past few months I have been L.A.Z.Y...hence the lack of blogging, or anything else that is extra (and by extra I mean anything besides getting dressed in the morning). Not very much cooking, cleaning, crafting, socializing, grooming, get the idea: lazy. But I REALLY wanted to celebrate my favorite boy turning 5, so we did.

Our house really has no business accommodating 9 kids, so I tried to think of something low key we could do for a party. We decided on a movie night and watched Rio. The kids did so good. They started out like this, all bunched up on the couch, but then they quickly segregated... this. Boys and girls. So cute.

I figured the more snacks they had, the longer the movie would hold their interest...I mean, it works for me.

100% my child.

Presents are always my favorite part. I love seeing kids get so excited about GIVING. They love giving gifts to their friends and it's so sweet. They were all so thoughtful and caring and I'm tearing up just thinking about it. I mean, look at all the cute cards they made:
*Nathan drew a picture on his card. He said, " Easton, it's you and me and we're in a HOT AIR BALLOON!!!" His enthusiasm was awesome.
* Emery drew a picture of what I think is Emery, Easton and Reagan. Love it! I hope they are always always always the best of friends.
I love seeing their handwriting and drawings, it's just the cutest.

And of course we celebrated on the actual birthday with some cookie cake. Easton is crazy and doesn't like cake, so my nice friend Sara came to my rescue and made the cakes for his party because I was sick. Giant cookies, which was perfect for him. Thanks Sara!

Easton was spoiled by EVERYONE! Thank you all for the gifts and cards and phone calls, I think he felt loved and had a really special weekend.

And here's Easton with his new bike! He pretty much couldn't have cared less about it at first (he didn't really ask for a bike, we just thought he should have one). He didn't even give it the time of day when he came down the morning of his birthday to see that his dad had put it all together. Sort of a Christmas morning type moment is what we were going for, but seriously, he didn't even care. But now he LOVES it and wants to ride all the time. See how awesome I look in this picture? Love the flu.

I didn't get ONE picture with my mom in it. I'm so mad! She spent the whole weekend taking care of me and the kids, playing with them, helping with the party...everything. When she was playing games with Easton and I was lying on the couch, Easton said, "Grandmas are the very best stuff." It was the cutest, and I agree.

Thanks Mom, we love you!!


Melanie said...

WooHOo! She Blogged! Happy Day Easton. Sounds like a great party. I'm so glad mom was there to help! Hope you are feeling good and enjoying cooler weather.

Jenni said...

Once again, I have so much to say. Seeing those pictures makes me seriously ILL that I missed that party!!! It looks just absolutely adorable and I love that 5 year old SO much. He looks 5, and it's killing me. I just adore him. His friends are so precious and I even get teary thinking about it! LOVE the boy & girl seperation pic hahahahahahaha!!

Carly- I. LOVE. YOU! That first picture of everyone on the couch... my eye goes directly to the cutie on the end with her dolly, sucking her thumb and playing with her button. SO CUTE! And that zebra print DRESS!! UGHHHH MELT ME!!! I love it!

I think you look pretty dang good for as sick as you sounded. SO glad that's over!

Looks like a totally great party for a boy that totally deserved it. And Mom is the bomb. I would definately say she is the best stuff for sure.

Love you guys!

{lizzythebotanist} said...

love that the kids segregated. love their little pile of cards. and the snack trays were a great idea. looks like e had a great birthday!

Jill said...

What a great party! Love that treat bucket!

Grandma's are the best, I agree. Glad you have great people around you to come to the rescue when you feel like crap because you should be on the couch when you feel like crap.

I love seeing that 5 year old on his bike and Carly chowing down on popcorn. I gave Erica some popcorn for the first time the other day and she wouldn't eat it. It worries me. :)

Christi said...

I love the segregation of the boys and girls too :) I am so glad that Easton had a good birthday, and I am glad that you are feeling better. The flu is the worst. Good thing for grandmas!!!!

Kara said...

I'm glad you're somewhat back to blogging cause your blogs always make ME tear up! What is up with that? Maybe cause I love you and your family just like you're my own! Easton looks like he had a great birthday and I love that you took a picture of the cards the kids made! They are all so cute! Glad he likes his bike now too- we need to get the boys together to ride soon.

Carol and Bruce said...

Being the Grandma is the BEST stuff!!

I was so happy to be at Easton's party, it was so great that it worked out that way. Not that you were sick, of course, but that I could be there to see him turn five. He's so adorable and I just want him to stay little but at the same time it is so great watching him grow, he just gets better and better. I'll never forget the bike moment as long as I live, hilarious!

Great job with the blog, I love the picture of all the cards. It's a great idea to take a picture of them then you might not have to store them all forever like I did.

Hope you all got your flu over for the season. I just had my shot.

Aimee said...

I can't believe he's 5!!!! We love you Easton, you are by far the coolest 5 year old we know!

Grandmas (and moms) are the very best stuff!!!

Teresa, mom, Deitz, Aunt Dee Dee said...

What a cool, terrific 5 year old. So sorry to hear that you were sick. You know why that happened don't you? It was because your mom was coming to visit. You could relax and have mom there to take care of you. Way to go, Em.

Glad your feeling better! So glad that Easton had a good birthday. He sure looks good in both his BSU sweatshirt and on his cool bike. Go Easton!

Love you guys!

Alifinale said...

I love Easton and glad he had a happy happy birthday. Sad you were sick but you sure pulled off a great party and even blogged about it. That is impressive in my book.