Monday, December 12, 2011

November Fun

I finally get to post about our fun November. It was jam packed with visitors, which is just what we like. First we were visited by Steve's dad for a weekend so he could go to a Boise State game here. I don't have any pictures of that because they're boys and don't care about pictures. But it was fun to see him for a short time and the kids always love a visit from grandpa.

Next up it was the Nielsons!
Baby Tyce turned 1 the week before so we got to celebrate with him. He is the CUTEST little boy and my kids, especially Carly are crazy about him. And so am I. It was so fun to have him wobbling around our house for a week.

Thanks to our good friends, we spent the day at red rock and did some rock climbing. Well, all the adults but me climbed, and I spent the day stressed to the max about little kids falling off the edge onto very sharp rocks. Everyone had so much fun though and it was a beautiful day. Thanks Binghams!!

He's so cute! I really love little boys!

We love Aunt Aimee!

See Steve, she loves you. Carly is going through a major mommy phase right now, so I'm glad we got this picture of her with daddy, and smiling.

This was the biggest shocker of the day. Easton got brave and tried the harness and everything. He's only about 3 feet off the ground, but still. For him this is HUGE. He's scared of most things.

Here's the whole cute fam; Aimee, Ryan and Tyce. Thanks for coming to see us, we miss you guys!

Aimee taught Carly a new trick. She can do it all by herself and it's so fun! I don't think Easton can do a somersault yet...after our horrible experience with gymnastics I quit trying so I wouldn't traumatize him more.


Aimee said...

It's freezing here...can we come back!!??? We miss you and are so grateful for any time we get to spend with you guys! Thanks again for the good times!

Megan and Greg said...

Ah, man. As I was reading about your visitors I thought, "I need to be a visitor!" I need to stop wishing and make it happen sometime after the holidays die down. That would be fun. Greg and I are moving to DC in march, I haven't blogged about it yet- and won't for awhile. But ANYWAYS, I need to come visit you before I'm really far away! Glad you had a good november. Merry Christmas!!!

Kara said...

Ok, your eyes look so pretty in that picture with baby Tyce! Gorgeous! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of Easton climbing- awesome!!

Jenni said...

That Tyce is SUCH a doll!!! I love all the pictures! I miss you guys real bad already!! that picture of Easton climbing is so cute! It should be framed.

You guys get lots of visitors because you're so fun!!

Christi said...

I am always so jealous you get tons of visitors!!! I am glad that you had a fun time. I am so jealous about the rock climbing. I think my girls would love it! Way to go Easton!!!!