Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pregnant Sisters

Well here we are. I look really gross in this picture. I generally don't get out of my pajamas. Jenni was about 25.5 weeks and I 24. She's due 10 days before me. It's pretty dang fun being pregnant at the same time. I love seeing her pregnant and am SO EXCITED for her!! We are both having girls! All weekend we were arguing about who was bigger, but here we look pretty much the same. But I have gotten even bigger since this picture was taken (7 days ago).

It's nice to always have someone to complain to (other than my husband, who tunes most of it out anyway) who knows exactly what I'm going through and knows me so well. We exchange some pretty humorous texts and phone calls about all this pregnancy business, and I thought I'd share a few gems with you. It might only be funny to me, but if you have been pregnant before I'm sure you can relate.

* ...don't worry, I just peed my pants when I sneezed
ooh yes, I do that too, ha ha ha

* You will not be in bed at 9:30.
Why not, it's an hour later than I normally go to bed. Steve calls me grandma.
Pregnancy makes me feel like a grandma in so many ways.

*Problem: I put on these jeans because 2 days ago they would fit if I used a hair tie around the button. Today they won't even zip.

* Well I'm going to eat it all (pie) and get fat. Thanks a lot.
LOL! Yea well I just ate a blizzard so I'm right there with ya!

*The elliptical and scale were both very unkind this morning
SAME! I was so winded ha ha ha! I felt like a total fatty!!

* My thighs are just days from rubbing together. Sad day.

* Well I ran out of pie so I had to make cookies today.
Ha ha ha I plan on making brownies tonight. I can't go too long without treats.
Have I mentioned how glad I am that you are on this pregnancy journey with me?

Sad that they are mostly about food.

So excited to have girl cousins!


Christi said...

I love this post!!!! I can say I agree with everything you guys say. You too are soo cute together. Girls cousins are going to be the best!

Danielle said...

hahaha :) I love you girls. So cute. So fun to be pregnant at the same time! You both look great!

Kara said...

I wish I had a sister to be preggers with! You two are so lucky to have each other! I love it! You're both so dang cute too! You're going to have the cutest girl cousins.

Aimee said...

You two are so cute!! I love your bellies and I was crackin up at your conversations. Just the thing to brighten my day!

Megan and Greg said...

That's pretty funny. Thanks for the pic! You look great by the way, not gross at all! You're totally skinny and cute. That's wild your dates are so close together. I wonder what the actual birth days will be. You could totally deliver the same day.

Carol and Bruce said...

It's so fun to have you both pregnant at the same time, love that picture so much! Funny conversations and you are a LONG way from being a grandma but believe me it comes around really quickly.

Amy said...

When I was pregnant I sneezed and peed my pants while in hawaii and I had no option but to wrap my sweater around my waste and go out to dinner at the cheesecake factory. It was Crazy! You and your sister are both very cute pregnant girls! How fun that you get to be pregnant together.

Jenni said...

bahahahaha I'm dying laughing!! I love you so much!! When we send those texts, it doesn't feel funny... it feels like the 100% truth at that moment. But when you lump them all together like that, it's freaking hilarious! hahahaha!!

SERIOUSLY--I could NOT survive this pregnancy thing mentally without your empathy! I'm soooooo thankful that we're at the same stage all the time!

And you are the person that I hope to be JUST like when I'm a mom, so I copy everything you do. Hope that's cool. Our babies are going to be BFFS! yayyyyy!

This made me so happy! Thank you!

Miriam said...

How exciting! My sister and I had our babies 7 days apart and it is so fun! When we're together its like having twins. :) So happy for you!

*Stephanie Lance* said...

CUTE pregnant sisters!!!!! I love it! I love that you guys are due so close and I love that you are both having girls! All our girls will be best friends and I can't wait!!! You guys are so cute! HAHA I LOVED reading your texts! The thighs rubbing together is my personal fave!! :) Love you!