Friday, June 15, 2012

May Visitors

After the blessing my parents stayed for a few days as well as Aimee. They went to the Donny & Marie show to celebrate their 36th anniversary (WOW!). When we dropped them off we walked around the flamingo for awhile. It was a nice day and pretty atmosphere and the kids loved the birds, fish and turtles. 

 I just think it's so weird that they stand on one foot.

      I love their heads in this picture. I can't believe this is the only picture I got of Aimee while she was here. Bad! She was so helpful. I know how hard it is to travel with little kids AND be pregnant at the same time. She made it look easy. Can't wait for her to add another boy to the fam!

                        Tyce was all about the baby swing. At this moment they were sharing. So cute.

Fun times at the splash park. Neither of my older kids really ever loved the splash park. Carly is always content to swing and E is running around doing other stuff. Tyce however had no fear and was loving the water. He was so cute and little but running all around with the bigger kid. Love it!

                                                      Loves chocolate just like his momma.

My good friend Sarina happened to be in town that week so she and her family stopped by for a visit. It was so fun chatting with her and seeing her cute boys. She has another one on the way as well. Goodness there were a lot of hormones in my house that day.

 Ivy is very chatty, here she is talking Sarina's ear off. I love the face she makes when she's jabbering.

I love how having a new baby brings the visitors. We have had so much fun these past 3 months getting to see family and friends. I guess it's back to real life whether I'm ready or not (I'm not).


Jenni said...

That last picture is enough to just kill a person with cuteness. I have been staring at it for a really long time imagining her sweet voice. SO DANG CUTE!!! I am sad that I wasn't one of the May visitors, which is why I am SO thankful that you came to the reunion! I'm also thankful for all of the people that went to support and be helpful to you and your family. What a blessing. And also probably a little tiring :) You're a champ. We miss you guys so much. More pictures of Ivy :) Love you!

Matt and Shannon said...

Yes, more pictures please :) And we need to make hair bows and do girly stuff soon. I can't wait until we hear Penelope's voice - I love when babies start to jabber.

Carol and Bruce said...

Such a cute post and I love the picture with us and the kids, thanks for taking that, I needed an anniversary picture and that is perfect. That was a really fun day, especially the part of Easton and Carly in the wedding chapel, I'll have to post that photo. Love and miss you all! Loved seeing all the Rogers fam and wish we could have seen Sarina.

Aimee said...

Thanks so much for letting us visit, we loved every second of it!!! Ivy is the cutest and such a good baby, we miss her and can't wait to see all of you pretty darn soon!!

Mary said...

I'm with Jenni-that last picture of Ivy is melting me!