Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bye Bye Summer

We had a such a great summer, I was sad to see it all end. Here are some pics that I wanted to share of things I was too lazy to blog about...or to busy between the trips and visitors. So in addition to the fun we already had this summer......Carly got big. Like, too big. She tries to run now, wanting to keep up with Easton. She wrestles, talks a lot and loves going up and down the stairs. Remember when she was a baby??? No more.

Steve loves to take Easton to the baseball games before it gets too hot. Here they are with Cosmo, the alien. E loves to give him high 5s.

Steve turned 31! So we went bowling with some friends. The babies were a nightmare, trying to chase them everywhere, and our game took forever because it took Easton and Nathan 10 minutes every turn for their ball to roll slowly down the lane, bouncing off the bumpers...next time, a lane for the adults and a lane for the kids. While in Oregon I went to my 10 year high school reunion. This is my friend Haley with Carly. I always have so much fun when I get to see her. Below are 2 of her boys with Easton. I wish we lived closer because they would have so much fun playing together!!
Colby, Easton, Boaz

Colleen Stokes and I. The night before my reunion I was going through my old high school scrapbooks and there a bunch of pics of Colleen and I...so I wanted a newer, updated pic. I love this girl.
Sarah, me, Steph, April, Colleen S., Claire

As much of our " group" as we could round up. Me, James, April, Steph, Sarah, Bryan, Brent
It was fun to see people and catch up. Notice how I'm totally under dressed? All the girls looked so great and fancy in their dresses...and then there's me in my jeans and t-shirt. Some things never change I guess.
More fun at the pool before the hot weather leaves us. It's fun to watch the kids get better and better at swimming each year. Maybe next year E will be able to finally ditch his floaty. Cross your fingers. Ever since we moved in it has been a dream of mine to get tacos from the truck and eat them at the pool. There's constant construction in my neighborhood so the truck comes every day (except Friday we figured out). We finally made it happen a few times and boy was it worth it. I sure do love that taco truck.After my Saturday afternoon nap I woke up to find my boys like this. It made me smile.

E started pre-school, and despite all my anxiety, doubts and second thoughts, I think he's doing well so far and really liking it. I think it will be a good year for him and we're happy that his good friend Emery is in his class. I lucked out because we usually go out the garage door, but this day it was raining and we were out playing in it before school, so you get the real, front door pic instead of the dirty garage door one. My baby turns 4 this Saturday.


Teresa, mom, Deitz, Aunt Dee Dee said...

Your summer adventures have been exciting and cool to experience second hand. Thank you for sharing all you exciting happenings with us. It is exciting to see how quickly the kids are growing and changing. Your a great mom!

Kara said...

Summer isn't really over yet. I heard it's supposed to be in the 100's again. That's the "joy" of living in Las Vegas. At least you have people to come visit you and fun baseball games to go to. I love the taco truck and we have to go again! Kids just grow up too fast, that's all there is to it!! Easton is almost 4!

Aimee said...

Your family is so cute and adorable! I miss you guys like crazy and it's too bad you all can't come next weekend!! But it will be fun to have Steve here for the weekend.

Easton is getting too grown up and I can't believe how tall he's gotten in the past month and a half!! You people and your tall genes! I'm jealous.

Jenni said...

First of all, thank you for the Email... i did NOT want to miss this.

I cried. This is so sweet. Carly is so beautiful and I just can't believe how big she is! Easton is in pre school and everytime I talk about it or think about it, I get emotional. It makes me so happy, yet it's so crazy that he's growing up! My favorite picture is of Easton and Steve sleeping... CUTE!

I love seeing you wtth all of your high school girls! It looks like a huge success and I'm so proud of you for putting it on! And seriously-- you look fabulous, I bet they all went home talking about how hot you still are. No joke.

I love you and I am SERIOUUUUUSSSLLLLYYY tempted to get in my car and be there for Easton's birthday, because work is going to be slow tomorrow. I miss you guys a lot!

Archambault Family said...

Emily the reunion looked fun. Too bad I work crappy graveyard weekends or I would have liked to come. How is everyone doing? Do you have more pics? Everyone seems to look the same. I'm fatter, so maybe I'm glad I wasn't there! Heck, can't blame all of it on this unborn child, LOL! Glad to see you put some pics up of the runion.
And can I just say your children are so stinkin cute!!! Love seeing them grow up on here! Miss ya Em!

Christi said...

Carly is getting big way too fast!!! You did way too many fun things this summer. I am glad that we finally got the taco truck!

Jill said...

Very fun wrap up. You take awesome pictures! So glad to hear that preschool has been going well. I need to call you for details. Carly is so beautiful and Easton is a cutie!

Lizzy said...

Your kids really are getting so OLD! Four? Can you believe that. And Carly running? She's still suppose to be a cute, chubby baby.

I loved all the pics. Easton and Steve napping is just too sweet. Moments like those just melt my little heart. So cute.

Alifinale said...

I love all the random summer pics. Carly is getting too big. She is so dang cute and it is fun to see her become her own person. Cosmo the alien is kind of scary. You are so cute with your high school buddies. I love that pic of Steve and E sleeping.

Now I want a taco.

ella@lifeologia said...

Cute family shots.
I am missing summer already but at least the weather is still nice and sunny ;)

Carol and Bruce said...

Such a fun blog, I'm glad I didn't miss it. I love all the photos especially the first one of Carly, she looks so pretty AND the off to school photo just made me cry, how can that be. I can't believe he is four and I still miss him every day. The sleeping boys photo is THE BEST!

I like Steve's new hair cut and that fruit pizza looked divine! I wish we had a taco truck, that would even be better than the Schwan Man.

The class reunion photos are so fun, I bet I could put some senior breakfast pictures up to those and they would look just the same. You are all beautiful. You wearing the pants reminds me of the gray pants and the pajama pant stories. You do dress up a lot more now than you did in those days:) You have always been blessed with great friends and I'm so glad for that.

I think you had as good of a Summer as we did and I hate to see it end.

Megan and Greg said...

Holy crap- Easton's in preschool? And holy cow Carly is a toddler now! What the heck? They are still super cute though! OH MY GOSH I have been waiting for some reunion pics. I didn't even recognize James. And is it just me or does Bryan look exactly the same? All the girls look BASICALLY the same- but the guys- it wierds me out! They're MEN now. All grown. I mean, I suppose they ARE almost 30 instead of 18 years old- the last time I saw any of them. I was just shocked. Great post. I love your family. When Scarlet gets a little bigger we'll have to come out and visit you. That would be fun, eh? I will call you soon! I had this horrible spinal head ache that sort of put me out of commission for half of Scarlet's life. Now things are back where they should be, so I'll be able to actually return my phone calls! I have been thinking of you though, believe me. I can't wait to chat!

Rebecca and Nick said...

I am glad to hear somebody talk about the taco truck! I see them once in a while and wonder if they are worth (or safe) trying. I love some good authentic tacos so I will have to check that out! Your kids are so cute, I can hardly believe Carly is walking, but then I remind myself that she is a bit older than Teslyn. Yay for 4 year old boys!! Easton is so fun.


I am bummed I missed the reunion! How did the picnic go? Were there lots of people? I agree with Megan's comment - it's really kinda weird to see the "boys" we graduated with are now men and almost 30. And it's weird to see some of them married and with kids. I don't know. It doesn't surprise me about everyone I keep in touch with - I'm used to seeing pics of them with their spouse and kiddos - but with other people it's kinda shocking! Anyway... I can't believer Carly is one now and getting so big. I swear you just had her a few months ago.